Invite Participants During a Meeting

Inviting participants to your active meeting couldn't be easier! 

Let's take a look at how. 

Invite additional participants to your active meeting

From an active meeting, simply select 'Participants' and click 'Invite Participants.

Enter the names, numbers, or email addresses of any Participants you'd like to invite to the meeting.

*If entering a name, you'll need to hover over it to reveal the contact's number, or email address.



Enabling SMS notification

When sending invites to participants with phone numbers, the Participant Text Notifications must be enabled. Otherwise, the participants will not receive the SMS invite.

You can enable these two ways:

  • Click "Enable" from the message prompt when you schedule the meeting.


  • Navigate to your 'Settings' and click 'Participant Notifications'.

From there, choose 'Text all participants'  and click 'When I schedule a new meeting'.


Reminder Delivery

Invitations sent to a number are delivered via SMS (with a 5-minute reminder). Invitations sent to an email address are delivered via email (5-minute reminder).

For Dialpad Meetings Business accounts sending invites to participants with phone numbers, you must enable the Participant Text Notifications by clicking the "Enable" from the message prompt or by going to Settings > Participants Notifications > Text all participants > check "When I schedule a new meeting" to use the dial-out option.

Keep in mind that SMS invitations and the dial-out option are only available in the United States and Canada.


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