Invite Participants During a Meeting

Just realized you forgot to invite a colleague to your meeting? Not to worry, inviting participants to an active meeting couldn't be easier! 

Let's take a look at how this works. 

Invite additional participants to your active meeting

To invite participants to an active meeting, select the Participants icon from your meeting Bottom Bar.

  1. Select 'Invite Participants
  2. Enter the names, numbers, or email addresses of any Participants you'd like to invite 
  3. Select 'Send Invites'

*If entering a name, you'll need to hover over it to reveal the contact's number or email address.


Enabling SMS notification

If you'd like to send an SMS notification when sending invites to participants with phone numbers,  Participant Text Notifications must be enabled. These can be enabled at teh time you schedule a meeting, or from your settings.

Enable SMS notifications when scheduling a meeting

To enable SMS notifications while scheduling a meeting, simply click "Enable"  you schedule the meeting.


To enable SMS notifications from your Settings

To enable SMS notifications from your Dialpad Meetings Settings, head to Participant Notifications.

  1. Select 'Text all participants' 
  2. Select the desired SMS preference 




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