Moderate a Meeting

Participants are able to mute others and share their own screens, but maybe you want a meeting to run without any interruptions. So don't worry about click-happy or non-technical users muting or screen sharing anymore after turning on Dialpad Meetings' moderate feature.

Let's take a look at moderating in Dialpad Meetings.

Moderate a Meeting

Organizer View


From an active conference, select Organizer Controls Moderate.

You'll see a 'Moderated' label appear in the bottom bar. Participants are then unable to mute others and share their screens. Organizers can, however, continue muting and screen sharing while moderating is turned on.

If you'd like to disable moderating, return to Organizer Controls and select Stop Moderating.

By default, only the meeting organizer can moderate the meeting. However, if you would like your co-host to be able to access organizer controls, this is possible by updating your Dialpad Meetings settings, by toggling on "Allow co-hosts with access to organizer controls"


Participant View


Participants will not see buttons to mute or unmute others if the Organizer starts moderating the conference, and the screen share button in the bottom bar appears greyed out.




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