Using Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

You’re in the middle of a video meeting, and you need to share your screen. As you go through the presentation, you start to wonder if it’s going over well. Are the viewers engaged? Are they nodding along? Someone just asked you a question, but you couldn’t see who it was, you could only hear their voice.

You simply can’t see what’s going on in the video meeting without switching back from the page you’re sharing, which would interrupt the entire presentation.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) is designed to let you see the audience’s reaction and interact with meeting participants without switching the tabs. You can keep your eyes on the viewers and the page you’re presenting at the same time, or pull up research and other documents while still seeing what’s happening in the meeting.

Using PIP

When you start or join a video call, you’ll see the option for “Picture-in-Picture” on the bottom right hand side of the video. Simply click the button to start a PIP window.


You can also launch PIP with the “Shift+P” keyboard shortcut.

While the PIP window is open, you can switch between tabs while still seeing what is happening in the meeting.


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