Dialpad Meetings Business accounts can easily update their payment method and access their payment history.

From the Dialpad Meetings dashboard, go to the Billing menu and you'll see a summary of your subscription plan, cost, billing date, and payment method at the top.




Update Payment Method

Select Edit Payment Method at the top of the Billing menu.

Enter your credit card number, the cardholder's name, the expiration date, the CVV, and zip code (or declare this is a non-U.S. card).

Select Update Payment Method to submit the change.

Dialpad Meetings allows the payment method to change at any time.



View Payment History (Receipts)

View receipts in the Payment History section. It organizes all transactions with the date, item(s) purchased, and total amount.

Select a date in the Payment History section to open its receipt. You'll see a description that includes the Dialpad Meetings lines as well as any taxes and fees applied.

You can also print this receipt by selecting Print at the top left of the document.

Add Note to Payment History

You can add a note to your receipts by selecting Add Note in Payment History. Notes will then appear at the bottom of your invoices.

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