Intercom + Dialpad Meetings

In just one click, invite users to screen share, audio, or video with you from an Intercom chat. With this integration you can:

  • As an Intercom user, launch a meeting directly from messenger
  • As a recipient of an Intercom message, your prospects and customers can join your agent’s meeting room


  • You’re an Intercom customer
  • You have a Dialpad Meetings account

Let's take a look at this integration.

Install the Integration

Step 1:
Head to the Intercom App Store and install the Dialpad Meetings integration


Step 2:
Grant Permission 


Step 3:
Make sure you’re logged into your Dialpad Meetings account.

Step 4:
That’s it!

Launch a Meeting from Intercom

You can easily launch a meeting directly within Intercom chat, right from your Inbox.


The prospect or customer you’re chatting with will be able to see the same Dialpad Meetings join options from their end.


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