Ai CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Add-on

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Ai CSAT, combines SMS CSAT surveys with the power of Dialpad’s Ai to give you a more holistic (and real-time!) view of customer satisfaction for your Call Center and often increases your response rate by 75% or more! 

Our Ai uses a large, state-of-the-art neural network using call transcriptions to infer CSAT from your conversations. Using the words spoken, when they are said, and by whom, our Ai is able to come up with a pretty accurate prediction of CSAT. For customers who collect CSAT survey responses through Dialpad, we see an average accuracy of 87%!

Let's dig into the details. 


Enable Ai CSAT

To enable Ai CSAT on your account, reach out to us today! Once Ai CSAT has been added, there's no additional setup needed, you just need to make sure Ai is enabled.  

Now you're ready to jump right into CSAT Analytics.

SMS CSAT Surveys

SMS surveys give you the ability to send Customer Satisfaction Surveys via SMS rather than the traditional IVR surveys that come at the end of the call when your customer is eager to move on. SMS surveys can have a tremendous effect on increasing your response rates; giving you more data to make more informed decisions, and providing your clients the flexibility to complete the survey on their own time. 



When setting up your SMS CSAT survey, there are a few key points to remember:

    • You must have an SMS-enabled number assigned to your Call Center

    • If you haven't done so already, go through the Campaign Registry process to ensure you are in compliance with A2P regulations. To register customers can fill out the form linked within the Help Center
    • As an Admin, you will build out the survey within the Office level settings and then assign the survey to the appropriate Call Center(s); the survey can be assigned to more than one at a time

    • Because no more than one CSAT survey can be assigned to a call, the supervisor or admin must select within the Call Center specific settings, which survey they want to utilize

    • SMS surveys can have only one question. 

Weekly trend overview emails

Dialpad makes it easy to stay on top of your performance. We'll email you a Weekly Ai CSAT Report to highlight trends such as your top performers, week-over-week changes, number of scores, and more. 


Frequently asked questions

How does Ai CSAT work?

  • Ai CSAT uses the latest deep learning technology to infer Customer satisfaction from your Dialpad call transcripts between agent and customer.

  • First, the audio from the call is transcribed into words by our proprietary speech recognition technology to maximize accuracy in noisy environments.

  • Second, the words from the transcript are then fed into a deep neural network which learns to make accurate predictions by updating its ~100 million parameters based on the 1.3 million anonymized calls used for training.

  • During this time, the algorithm learns things that impact CSAT like:
    • Did the customer get put on hold for too long
    • Does the agent keep interrupting the customer
    • Was the customer's issue resolved or left unresolved
    • What was the sentiment of the customer from start to end of the interaction
    • If the customer uses language like:
      • “You’ve been so helpful, thank you”
        “You solved it! You’re the best!”
      • “I was on hold too long”
        “I want to cancel”
        “Your audio keeps cutting out”
    • etc.
  • The result is a highly precise model that can predict CSAT from the interactions in the call transcript -- more than 87% accurate!

What languages does Ai CSAT support?

Dialpad's Ai CSAT surveys are currently available only in English.

How accurate is Ai CSAT?

Dialpad Ai learns from your customer interactions and improves over time. 

  • If you are using CSAT surveys through IVR/DTMF or SMS, the accuracy of Ai CSAT will be its highest. This acts as training data to help tailor the algorithm to your customer interactions. This is why we recommend collecting CSAT from your customers anyway, even if response rates are low.

  • If you are not using CSAT surveys, don’t worry Ai CSAT is still here to save you; though on average the accuracy can be 6-10% lower.

Why don’t all my calls have CSAT scores?

  • Ai CSAT enhances your CSAT analytics by adding CSAT scores for calls that don’t have survey responses. All calls are evaluated by Ai, however not all calls merit a score.
  • Agent must have Contact Center or Ai Sales license.
  • We first check to make sure the call is in English.
  • Call cannot be a voicemail.
  • Call must be inbound.
  • If the agent still needs to follow up like:  i'll call you back, let me give you a call back), the call is not processed.
  • Sometimes it's just tough to tell. When our Ai has low confidence the customer was satisfied or not, we prefer to say it’s neutral

On export, why is Ai CSAT a ”5” or a “1”?

  • Update: As of August 1st, 2022 Ai CSAT now predicts satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how confident it is in the satisfaction score for the interaction. Exports after this date will include calls with 1,2,3,4 or 5 as the CSAT.
  • Prior to August 1st, 2022: Ai CSAT scores customer calls as satisfied, unsatisfied, or neutral. We represent these as 5, 1, or none respectively to make it easy for you to calculate your CSAT score in Analytics as the percent of satisfied customers over all rated calls.

Why can't I find Ai CSAT data prior to Sept 22, 2021 in Analytics?

  • For customers with Dialapad Ai enabled prior to Sept 22, 2021 they will see predicted CSAT calls on and after this date. This is the first date we launched the feature.

Did I notice a change in average CSAT from Ai CSAT? What could it be?

  • We do our best to “pin” the average CSAT predicted by Ai to your customer collected averages for CSAT in order to ensure continuity and accuracy.

  • Especially for customers who do not collect customer satisfaction, there’s no information to ground the algorithm to so it’s possible major algorithm accuracy improvements can cause a change in average CSAT

  • If you notice a change in CSAT score on the following dates, this could be due to the release of a new more accurate algorithm:
    • Oct 21, 2021 - Accuracy improvement
    • Aug 1, 2022 - Ai CSAT now predicts satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how confident it is in the satisfaction score for the interaction. More calls with a neutral score of 3 can bring down the CSAT score because they are not satisfied customers (see our FAQ: What is the CSAT score when it's shown as a percentage?)