Incoming Dialpad calls are forcing me to hang up my current call

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Why are incoming Dialpad calls forcing me to disconnect from my current call?

Picture this: You're on your mobile phone with mom, letting her know you're still planning on making it to spaghetti night with the fam and boom—an incoming Dialpad call requests that you hang up on her before taking the new call.

It might look a little something like this:


Why is this happening?

First thing to know: This only applies to mobile devices. So if you're on a mobile call outside of the Dialpad app, you might receive a message to end your current call when another one comes through your Dialpad number.

Second: Don't worry—this isn't an issue or bug with Dialpad. It's actually standard protocol for how mobile devices prioritize incoming calls. Carrier calls will always supersede a non-carrier app call (like Dialpad). If you haven't enabled inbound HD calling or set up call forwarding on your mobile device, any Dialpad calls that come into your mobile app will not come in as carrier calls.

In this case, you'll have to follow the message prompt and hang up on your current carrier call before you can answer the incoming Dialpad call.

Mom will understand.