Screenshare while on a Call

Dialpad users can share their screens on phone calls, reducing the need to set an official meeting or jump onto a conference call to quickly resolve issues, collaborate on projects, or do virtual walkthroughs.

Launching Screensharing

  1. While on a Dialpad call, click the “Share Your Screen” button on the left side of your control bar, located at the bottom of the app. 
  2. If using multiple screens, you will be prompted to select which screen to share. 
  3. The person you are broadcasting to will receive a message containing a link that will open a browser window showing the caller’s screen in real time. 
  4. To stop sharing your screen, click the “Stop Sharing” button at the bottom of the Dialpad window or the screensharing indicator at the top of the left bar. Screenshares will automatically end if a call is ended. 


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