Improve the Accuracy of Voice Intelligence Transcription


Voice Intelligence (or 'Vi') is able to transcribe calls as they're ongoing. If you're experiencing trouble with the accuracy of transcriptions, consider making some changes that will assist Dialpad's models to clearly understand what you're are saying.

Several factors determine the accuracy of any transcription. You'll need equipment that's reliable — choose a dedicated microphone and run Dialpad using a strong connection. Don't forget about where and how you're speaking, too. Communicating in an ideal environment will dramatically improve Voice Intelligence's transcriptions.

Let's take a look at what you can do to improve Voice Intelligence's ability to transcribe your calls.


Start off with a high-quality microphone. Laptops rely on tiny built-in microphones, which significantly limits the audio quality captured and attract background noise easily as they're located away from your face.

Either through a USB port or a standalone headset, use an external microphone and speak directly into it to largely reduce any background noise.


Speak loud and clear; if you're too quiet or mumble, Voice Intelligence might struggle to detect the words you're saying.

You'll want to speak directly into the microphone from a distance of 1 to 3 inches for a headset microphone or of 6 to 12 inches for a non-headset external microphone.

Since our technology works best with conversational speech, take breaks when speaking for a long time or avoid monologuing completely if possible.


Conduct calls in a quiet environment, away from sources of noise as well as in an area that will not produce an echo. Find a smaller room that offers silence so that Voice Intelligence understands exactly what you're saying.


Audio can become choppy when your connection is poor. If possible, utilize a wired internet connection through an ethernet cable. Otherwise, try connecting to a 5GHz wireless network to ensure that your connection is both strong and stable.

Vi Settings

Indicate to Voice Intelligence words and phrases often used in your company or industry. By creating a company dictionary, Voice Intelligence can better recognize what you're saying in order to accurately transcribe a call that includes jargon not understood by the average person.

You can also optimize Voice Intelligence by turning on call recording.

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