Dialpad Ai Moment Spotlight: Interesting Question

Dialpad Ai (or 'Ai') and the Interesting Question moment capture questions asked on your calls.

Who can use this feature?

Dialpad Ai is available to all Dialpad customers on the Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plans.

It is only available for Offices in the United States and Canada. Dialpad Ai is also currently offered as part of a public beta in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom; if you're enrolled, you'll see a 'Beta' tag alongside Dialpad Ai in the Dialpad app.

How Customers Use the Interesting Question Moment

With Interesting Question moments, users can:

  • Flag calls for quality assurance in Contact Center
  • Find coachable calls for representatives in Sell
  • Generate insights to create real-time assist cards, help articles, or inform other departments internally

Flag Calls for QA (Dialpad Contact Center)

Knowing what questions customers call in to ask most often can help indicate what should be added to an FAQ page or which changes would help mitigate common issues.

Find Coachable Calls (Dialpad Sell)

Coaches of Sell teams can use interesting questions to see how agents are asking qualifying questions and easily find the customer’s answer. Additionally, sales teams can get deeper insight into what is important to customers based on the most common questions being asked.

Generate Insights (Dialpad Contact Center, Dialpad Sell)

If Dialpad Ai is enabled managers can Find calls with coachable moments by navigating to the Calls List in Analytics and filtering for moments of interest. Use this to understand what customers have been asking about lately. If a customer asks a question your agents don’t know how to answer, consider adding that to a Real-Time Assist card to help them the next time that question comes up. Managers can also filter by agent questions to see how agents ask customers important qualifying questions.


Managers with a Sell license can also filter for calls of interest through the Coaching Center. These calls can then be used for coaching; either in your next 1-1, or by sharing the playlist with your team.


See if questions are trending up or down over time as you train up your sales reps and contact center agents with support material and RTAs.


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