Set Up Call Recording for a Call Center

Call Centers are able to record calls automatically. In the Advanced Settings section of a Call Center, you'll find options to customize call recording.

If you'd like to access call recordings for a Call Center, you must be a Call Center Supervisor or Admin. Navigate to the Call History menu and filter for the Call Center.

Let's take a look at call recording for Call Centers in Dialpad.

Automatic Recording & Transcription


From, navigate to Admin Settings > Call CentersAdvanced Settings.

Choose to turn on automatic call recording for inbound and/or outbound calls.


Below the ability to record inbound and outbound calls, you'll also discover a toggle to allow Agents to stop and restart call recording. Company-level recordings will also stop and restart for the call when the Agent does this.

Exception List

dp-exception-list-sample.gifUse an exception list to ensure that all calls are recorded except those from the specified country and area codes. Some U.S. states require all party content, and we've created a list of area codes you may want to add to the exception list.

Select Edit Exception List and enter the international format country and area codes. You'll enter +1415, +1212, and +44 for San Francisco, New York, and the United Kingdom respectively.

Please ensure each is separated by a comma. It will then apply this exception list to both inbound and outbound calls for a Call Center. If 'Auto Start Ai' is also turned on for this Call Center, the same exception list will apply there for transcriptions.

Here you can also choose to avoid recording the entirety of calls that match the exception list or to only record the Agent side of these calls.

Call Recording Greeting


Use a call recording greeting to tell callers that the call may or will be recorded.

Select Record Greeting or Upload Greeting (MP3) to add a custom greeting. Dialpad also offers 5 generic greetings. Different greetings can be used for inbound and outbound calls.

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