Porting Out Dialpad Numbers

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Looking to port out a Dialpad number?

Before contacting your new service provider, you'll need a unique PIN number associated with your Dialpad number(s). This PIN number, along with other pieces of information such as your account number, will enable your new service provider to port over the Dialpad number(s) to their system.

Please do not cancel your Dialpad account until after the port out completes and your new service provider successfully ports in the number(s).

How to port out a Dialpad number

Navigate to dialpad.com/portout as a Dialpad Admin and follow the instructions to receive the unique PIN number. Enter a number in the text box, then select Get PIN Number.


Dialpad will automatically generate a PIN for that number. Keep in mind that only Dialpad numbers within your Company are eligible to be ported out.

If you have multiple numbers to port out, enter a new PIN number under 'Current Portout Numbers' and select Set Bulk PIN. Each Dialpad number that you're porting out will then share the same PIN number.


Port Out issues

Experiencing any issues trying to port out numbers? Please reach out to our dedicated Porting Support Team at porting@dialpad.com 


Want more information? Be sure to review our Porting FAQ page to learn more.