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Dialpad’s integration with HubSpot Sales Hub improves users’ productivity by auto logging inbound and outbound calls to HubSpot and by giving users the ability to log notes and save tasks against contacts. 

Recent HubSpot activity would be shown on the sidebar in the Dialpad app. Note that the integration does not provide in-HubSpot calling capability at this point.

Configuring HubSpot with Dialpad

Before connecting HubSpot with Dialpad, ensure that you have: 

  • Dialpad Company Admin access, if you wish to connect HubSpot for all offices 
  • A HubSpot Sales Hub account with administrator access


To enable for the whole company, navigate to the Company Integrations settings page on Dialpad Admin portal > on Hubspot click on Connect.


Dialpad will automatically redirect you to the HubSpot login page. Choose one account to connect to Dialpad from your listed HubSpot accounts. 


Once the HubSpot account is connected to Dialpad, you will be redirected to the Integration settings page.  Under HubSpot>Options, select configure which will bring up the Office Access and Settings tabs


Office access allows you to enable the integration for users belonging to a specific office. 


On the Settings tab, select ‘Log Calls as Activities’ for automatic call loggingYou may also choose to post call recordings to HubSpot as well as to generate activities for voicemails


After the completion of these steps, all users with a valid HubSpot Sales Hub account will see the integration in the sidebar of their Dialpad App. 


Ready to start using this integration? Click here for more information. 


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