Purchase Fax License

Want to send a Fax? Dialpad has you covered with our Fax License Add-On.

Let's take a look at how to purchase your Fax License. 

Purchase a Fax License 

To purchase a fax license, head to your Admin Settings from Dialpad.com.

  1. Navigate to Office Settings
  2. Select Licenses
  3. Navigate to Add-ons
  4. Select Purchase licenses
  5. Enter the desired number of licenses
  6. Select Next
  7. Review your order summary 
  8. Select Confirm purchase 

Once purchased, Company Admins can assign a fax numbers to Shared Lines or individual Users.


What is virtual fax?

Virtual fax (sometimes also called eFax) lets you send and receive documents over the Internet. You need an Internet connection and a cloud-based fax service provider or a unified communications platform that has virtual fax functionality.

With virtual fax, you can send large files or sensitive information over the Internet. You can also open your inbound faxes right in your email inbox and read them on your desktop or mobile device—no more bulky fax machines.

How do virtual faxes work?

Traditionally, fax were sent via the phone line to and from a physical fax machine, transmitting through the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Internet faxes require no equipment or phone lines — all you need is a license, phone number, and plan from Dialpad. 

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