Timezones + Analytics

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Does something seem off with the times noted on your analytics reports? Let's go over some troubleshooting questions. 

My timezone seems off - what's going on?

If you're noticing that your timezone seems to be off when looking at your analytics, it may be because your personal timezone (under Dialpad.com > Profile>Timezone) is different from your Office timezone.

By default, your analytics will use your Office's timezone when displaying metrics. This way, whether you are the Office Admin or a Department Admin, you are seeing metrics that are based on a consistent reporting method.

If we have multiple offices, which office timezone is the default?

The timezone that appears in your report will be the timezone of your office.

Think of each office as its own separate entity. For example, Office A's timezone is EST and Office B's timezone is PST. When the Admin from Office B looks at their analytics, they'll see their default timezone as PST, Likewise, Office A will see theirs as EST.

How do I change my Office's timezone?

To change the timezone on an Office, the Company or Office Admin will need to navigate to the Office Admin Settings.

  1. Scroll down to Main Line on the sidebar
  2. Select Business Hours & Call Handling
  3. Click Set Your Business hours for this Office