Dialpad Talk

Dialpad Talk is a cloud-based phone system that makes connecting teams easier with voice, messaging, and integrations across your existing devices.

Your phone system now works like you do—from anywhere, anytime. With Dialpad Talk, teams can stay connected no matter where they work, thanks to a 100% cloud-based platform that syncs voice, video, contacts, and more in real-time. Whether it’s a laptop, desk phone, or cellphone, we’ve got you covered. Switch between devices and get work done.

  • Automatic user provisioning with G Suite, Office365, OneLogin, and Okta.
  • Bring your native integrations (G Suite, Office365, Slack, Salesforce, and more)
  • Transfer calls, forward messages, record calls, and switch between devices
  • Real-time transcription, automatic note-taking, and conversational analytics 

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