Headset Recommendations

Dialpad recommends using a noise-canceling USB connected wireless/wired HD headset to ensure the best quality of service.

Bluetooth headsets are compatible with Dialpad, but not all of them are supported. If a Bluetooth headset is used, the headset must sync to a Cradle or USB dongle when using Windows or MacOS. It is common for Bluetooth headsets to have quality issues if used in dense workspaces with other Bluetooth devices.

DECT wireless headsets are not recommended with Dialpad, it is preferable to use Bluetooth headsets if wireless is a requirement. DECT headsets are known to cause quality issues including choppy audio, muted audio, and loss of audio.

Dialpad recommends to not use Plug and Play driverless headsets as they will often have quality issues, as drivers do not update and custom settings may not be applied.

Poly (previously Plantronics)

For optimal service, Dialpad suggests users use a Poly and officially supports the command button use for Poly headsets via downloading the Poly third-party software to integrate with Dialpad.

To use the command buttons to answer and end Dialpad calls from the Native app only, you'll need to:

You will be able to scan a list of supported/unsupported devices and operating system requirements via the Poly software link above.

Some models that we specifically test include: 

  • Poly Blackwire (UC models)
  • Poly Voyager 8200
  • Poly Voyager 6200
  • Poly Voyager 5200
  • Poly Voyager Focus (UC)



Dialpad also recommends Jabra headsets, which support direct integrations with Dialpad call controls. Please note that these are for UC versions only, as the MS versions are not compatible.

  • Evolve 40 (wired headset)
  • Evolve2 65 (wireless headset; connects via Bluetooth to USB adapter)
  • Evolve 75 (wireless headset; connects via Bluetooth to USB adapter)
  • Engage 50 (wired headset)

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