Enable Dialpad Ai for Offices & Shared Lines

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With built-in speech recognition and natural language processing, Dialpad Ai
delivers insights and automates workflows across employee and customer experiences.

Enable Ai across your Company, Office, or Shared Lines, to give your team access to fantastic time-saving features such as live transcription, action items, key moments, and searchable call summaries.

Let's take a closer look at how to turn on Ai for Offices and Shared Lines.

Enable Dialpad Ai for Company

Ai must be enabled at the Company and Office level before you can configure Ai preferences for Individual Users, Main Line, Departments, Call Centers, and Coaching Groups.

To turn on Dialpad Ai for your company, head to your Admin Settings at Dialpad.com (that's the gear icon on the left)

  1. Click Company Settings
  2. Toggle the button on beside Dialpad Ai


Enable Dialpad Ai for Office

To enable Diapad Ai for your office, head to your Admin Settings at Dialpad.com (that's the gear icon on the left)

  1. Navigate to Office Settings on the sidebar
  2. Scroll to Office-Wide Settings
  3. Click the Dialpad Ai checkbox 
  4. Click I accept the Terms of Service


Enable Ai for a Shared Line

To enable Dialpad Ai for your Shared Lin, head to your Admin Settings at Dialpad.com 

  1. Navigate to Departments on the sidebar
  2. Select the desired department 
  3. Select Dialpad Ai 


You'll see 3 options:

  • Turn on Ai for this department
    • Ai is turned on for all calls to or from this Shared Line
  • Allow Individual Users to Start & Stop Ai During Calls
    • Ai can be turned off and then turned back on by the user even if Ai is turned on by default
  • Show transcript when a call starts
    • Ai displays the live transcript at the start of every call