Enable Voice Intelligence for Offices & Shared Lines


By enabling Voice Intelligence (Vi) across your Company, Office, or Shared Lines, you're giving your team access to fantastic time-saving features such as live transcription, action items, key moments, and searchable call summaries.

Some Dialpad administrators need to be able to centrally control which of their offices have the ability to implement Vi. This is important when an office’s location or policy prevents the use of Voice Intelligence.

Vi must first be enabled at the Company and Office level, then any call will have the option to take advantage of its features. Additionally, you can configure Vi preferences for Individual Users, Main Line, Departments, Call Centers, and Coaching Groups.

Let's take a closer look at how Admins can enable this feature for a Company, Offices, and Shared Lines.

Enable Voice Intelligence for Company


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings (that's the gear icon on the left) and make sure that the drop-down menu on the top left is set to My Company

Navigate to the Voice Intelligence Menu on the left side, and select Settings & Permissions.

To allow Voice Intelligence to be used in your company, make sure the large switch at the top of the Settings & Permissions Page is switched to on.

After you take this step, decide which offices in your company should be permitted to use VI. You can select all, or specify on an office-by-office basis.

💡 Note: For the offices that you enable VI to be turned on for, each office will have to take the additional step below of turning it on for their offices.

Enable Voice Intelligence for Office


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings (that's the gear icon on the left panel), and make sure you've selected the particular office you want enable Vi for from the drop-down menu on the top left. From there, scroll down to Office-wide settings and toggle on Voice Intelligence.

Team members will then see the option to enable Voice Intelligence for their own calls. It will not enable Voice Intelligence for them automatically.

Keep in mind that Voice Intelligence must be enabled at the Company level first.

Enable Voice Intelligence for Shared Line


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin SettingsDepartmentsCall Centers, or Coaching TeamsVoice Intelligence.

You'll see these options:

  • Auto-Start Vi
    • Voice Intelligence is turned on for all calls to or from this Shared Line
  • Allow Individual Users to Start & Stop Vi During Calls
    • Voice Intelligence can be turned off and then turned back on by the user even if Vi is turned on by default
  • Show Real-Time Transcript at the Start of a Call or Conference
    • Voice Intelligence displays the live transcript at the start of every call

Keep in mind that Voice Intelligence must be enabled at the Office level first.

Turn Off Voice Intelligence During Active Call on Shared Line


From the Dialpad app during an active call, select Vi Enabled and it will disable Voice Intelligence.

Select Vi Disabled and it will enable Voice Intelligence again.

Before pressing the button, you'll know whether Voice Intelligence is enabled or disabled during the call.

Keep in mind that Operators and Agents may be required to inform callers that the call is being transcribed.

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