Dialpad + VoiceAI

With VoiceAI and Intelligence Assistance, never scramble to take a note or lose track of your action items after a call. Everything you need is displayed in a post call summary pop-up that includes items like: 

  • Action Items 
  • Snippet Items 
  • Notes 
  • Post Call Transcripts 

Turn On VoiceAI

To turn on VoiceAI for your direct, user calls just navigate to Dialpad.com > Your Profile > VoiceAI.


Don't forget that you can always turn off VoiceAI for one-off calls by clicking VoiceAI on your active call screen. 

Action Items 

Need to follow up on something after your call? Leave pens and notebooks behind and opt for VoiceAI and Intelligent Assistance. 

Just use the phrase Action Item followed by your individual action items for VoiceAI to capture and display within your post call summary view. 


Just navigate to your specific conversation thread and select View Call to display any mentioned Action Items. 

You'll even have the ability to add more right there on the spot. 

Snippet Items 

Don't miss an important moment again—with the snippet feature, VoiceAI captures key moments in your conversation for you to revisit later.

Just select the Snippet icon on your active call screen when you need to snip a part of your audio. VoiceAI will automatically grab that piece of your call and attach it to your post call summary. 

From the time you select Snippet, VoiceAI will capture 10 seconds before that moment and 10 seconds after that moment. 

Post Call Summary Notes 

After your call completes, you'll see an option to add any additional notes to the specific call. These notes are automatically saved to your call summary and will be available to revisit at any time. 


Post-Call Transcript 

After your call completes, you'll be able to toggle over to the post call transcript to see a log of your entire conversation. 

Just select View Call in your specific conversation thread to display your post-call summary, including your transcript, action items, snippets, and notes. 


Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.