Dialpad Ai + Supervisor Insights

  • Updated

This feature includes: 

  • Real-time sentiment analysis of Agent's calls 
  • Real-time transcription log of Agent call 
  • Post-call summary report 

Real-time Sentiment Analysis

Just navigate to your Active Calls tab within your Call Center to display any calls marked with Attention or Negative sentiments.


From here, select View Call to view a real-time transcript of your Agent's call with the ability to Listen In as the call is going on. 

Real-Time Transcripts 

After selecting a call to view, Supervisors will see a real-time transcript appear in the right-hand sidebar of their Supervisor view. 

If Supervisors need, they can select Listen In to join the call in the background (without the caller aware that they're listening in).  After listening in, Supervisors have the option to either

  • Record the call
  • Place the call on hold
  • Hang up the call 
  • Barge In/Take Over

Post Call Summary

After a call completes, Supervisors can access a post-call summary that includes:

  • Caller Information
  • Timestamp
  • Action Items
  • Snippets
  • Agent Notes
  • Call Transcript

Supervisors can find individual call summaries by navigating to the All tab and selecting the specific call from the displayed list. On the conversation view, select View Summary to have the post-call summary pop up appear.