VoiceAI Glossary

What is VoiceAI?

VoiceAI helps business teams capture and learn from conversations as they happen through real-time speech recognition, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.


What is Live Transcription?

The transcript shows the full text of the conversation in real-time. Reading is faster than listening, so having a transcript allows users to very quickly review conversation content at a glance. Each portion of the transcript is associated with a particular contact name or phone number.


What are Post-Call Summaries?

After a call ends, the post-call summary screen will display a summary of the key information discussed on the call. Users can use this to quickly understand what happened on a call, which helps them prepare for the next call. Currently, the post call summary includes: action items, snippets, and manual notes.

What is Snippets?

Snippets allow agents to mark and save important parts of conversations for future reference. For example: an agent can snip parts of a call where a prospect discusses their top concerns in order to create reminders of what the agent should bring up on subsequent calls. During a call, users will be able to mark important text that then is displayed in the call summary.

What are Action Items?

An action item is a task that is discussed and assigned during a meeting. Action items are detected automatically by VoiceAI during conversations and displayed in the call summary. Call participants must say the words "action item(s)" for the action item to be recorded. The 15 words before and after the participant says "action item(s)" or “next step(s)” will be captured.

What are Manual Notes?

Manual notes are any additional notes that an agent may wish to enter into Dialpad or Call Center to summarize a call. Users will be able to enter manual notes into a field at the bottom of the call summary screen.

What is Supervisor View with Sentiment Analysis?

The Supervisor View shows a list of all ongoing calls for a given call center. Every call appears as a row in the dashboard and contains information such as the caller, phone numbers, call duration, and more. Under “Active Calls”, VoiceAI adds a new column that displays the sentiment of calls.  Sentiment appears in three states: Intervene (Negative), Neutral, Positive. When certain negative situations arise on a call (based on what is being said), a " intervene" indicator is prominently displayed. From here a manager can decide to view the live transcription, listen or join to assist the call.


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