Call Center FAQs

What happened to Call Center Free and Standard?

We have now migrated away from the Call Center Free and Standard plans. The features that were offered on those plans are now available for departments. Learn more.

How are agent licenses consumed?

When you purchase a Call Center agent license, that license is tied to the individual user. That means that individual user can be assigned to any other call centers within your Office without consuming additional licenses.

How do I remove a Call Center?

To remove a Call Center, just navigate to the specific Call Center in the Admin portal and select Delete Call Center.


If you've purchased any local or toll-free lines for your specific Call Center, they'll be placed in your Reserved Numbers.

How do I remove Call Center licenses?

Call Center licenses are assigned per Agent, so you'll need to remove that Agent from their assigned Call Centers to free up a license and reach out to our Support Team to permanently remove the license from your billing. 

Need help knowing which Call Centers they've been assigned? Try exporting your Team list and running a search for the Agent's name.

Are there any usage limits for the Call Centers?

Usage limits do not apply to call center users that are charged per minute for inbound and outbound calls.

How many Call Centers does my plan support?

Depending on your call center plan (contact our support team if you're unsure), the number of Call Centers per plan varies:

Dialpad Talk with Call Center Standard Add On: 3 Call Centers max (Legacy Plan)

Dialpad Talk with Call Center Pro Add On: 25 Call Centers max (Legacy Plan)

Dialpad Contact Center and Sell Pro: 25 Call Centers max

Dialpad Contact Center and Sell Enterprise: Unlimited Call Centers

What Agent routing options do I have?

Fixed Order, Round Robin, and Longest Idle. You'll find these options under Agents & Admins from your Call Center in the Admin portal.

Does Dialpad support circular call routing between Call Centers?

While you are able to route callers from one Call Center to the next, circular call routing is not currently supported in Dialpad.

But what do we mean when we say circular call routing? Let's take a look at the example below:

  • John calls Call Center A
  • No Agent answers the call
  • Secondary call handling option is set to forward to another Call Center: Call Center B
  • John is routed to Call Center B
  • No Agents answer the call
  • Secondary call handling option set to forward to another Call Center: Call Center A
  • John is routed back to Call Center A

Since this isn't supported in Dialpad, once your caller is routed to your second Call Center and no Agents answer, they'll be routed to your Call Center's voicemail (another reason to make sure you've set that up before sharing the number).

What happens if a caller hits my queue during closed hours?

We'll default to whatever closed business hours routing that the Call Center Admin has set up.

Why am I not seeing Live Calls under the Monitor All tab when I'm in the Office Admin?

To see all calls in 'Monitor All,' an Office or Company Admin must specifically grant themselves the Admin permission in each Call Center they belong to; otherwise, they will not see calls in this view.

Why am I automatically being set to Off Duty when setting myself to Available?

If you are assigned as an Agent to only one call center, make sure you are not set to DND for that call center.

If you are assigned as an Agent to only one call center and set to DND for that call center, when you try to set yourself to Available, you will automatically be set to Off Duty because you are on DND for that call center. You would first need to toggle DND off for that one call center, and then you would be able to set yourself to Available.

Learn more about DND and Off Duty toggling.

What number will be displayed if I place an outbound call using a call center without a number as a caller ID?

If a call center doesn't have a direct number, outbound calls will default to using the mainline number.


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