Call Center FAQs

What happened to Call Queues?

We've retired Call Queues to make way for a better solution—Call Centers by Dialpad. Don't worry though, all the features you've used with Call Queues are still here but with bonus features like:

Why do I have 5 agent licenses on my account?

Every Pro and Enterprise plan will see 5 available agent licenses on their account automatically—this is what's available on our Call Center Free plan. Keep in mind that if you want to add more than 5 agents to a call center (or even add more than one call center), you'll need to upgrade.

How many Agents can I assign to my Call Centers? 

Depending on your call center plan (contact our support team if you're unsure), the number of Agents per Call Center varies: 

Call Center Free: 5 Agents per Call Center 

Call Center Standard: 25 Agents per Call Center

Call Center Pro: 200 Agents per Call Center 

Call Center Enterprise: 500 Agents per Call Center 

How are agent licenses consumed?

When you purchase a Call Center agent license, that license is tied to the individual user. That means that individual user can be assigned to any other call centers within your Office without consuming additional licenses.

If you remove a user as an agent from one call center but don't see a change in your agent license count, double check to make sure they're not assigned as agents on other call centers within your Office. 

How do I remove a Call Center?

To remove a Call Center, just navigate to the specific Call Center in the Admin portal and select Delete Call Center


If you've purchased any local or toll-free lines for your specific Call Center, they'll be placed in your Reserved Numbers.

How do I remove Call Center licenses? 

Call Center licenses are assigned per Agent, so you'll just need to remove that Agent from their assigned Call Centers to free up a license. 

Need help knowing which Call Centers they've been assigned? Try exporting your Team list and running a search for the Agent's name. 

Is there any minute calling caps for Call Centers?

Yes. All Call Centers regardless of plan type come with unlimited inbound minutes and 3,000 outbound minutes per seat (1c/min above that)

How many Call Centers does my plan support? 

Depending on your call center plan (contact our support team if you're unsure), the number of Call Centers per plan varies: 

Call Center Free: 1 Call Center max 

Call Center Standard: 3 Call Centers max 

Call Center Pro: 25 Call Centers max 

Call Center Enterprise: Unlimited Call Centers

What Agent routing options do I have? 

Currently, we support Fixed Order, Round Robin, and Longest Idle. You'll find these options under Agents & Admins from your Call Center in the Admin portal.

Depending on your plan type, some routing options may not be available to you. 

Dialpad Tip: Longest Idle is only calculated based on calls you receive as a Call Center Agent (so not calls to your direct, personal line).

Do Call Centers have the whisper functionality? 

We found that the whisper feature was pretty distracting (how can you pay attention to what your caller is saying with someone whispering in your ear?). 

Instead, Supervisors can message their Agents while they're listening in on their call—less distracting, more direct, and all in one central place. 

What happens if a caller hits my queue during closed hours?

We'll default to whatever closed business hours routing that the Call Center Admin has set up.