Use the Dialpad + ServiceNow Integration

The ServiceNow integration is available on Pro and Enterprise plans

ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) lets you consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes. Integrating ServiceNow inside Dialpad means a singular platform for agents to update, create, and view incident and change reports all while remaining on their active call. 

Connect the Integration 

You can connect ServiceNow + Dialpad in your Dialpad app. Just navigate a contact and expand their sidebar to see the option to connect ServiceNow (just like Salesforce or G Suite or Office 365 integrations). 

You'll need to enter your ServiceNow login to authenticate the connection. 


Match a Customer Record in Dialpad

Once integrated, Dialpad will search through ServiceNow to match your contacts with existing records. If none exist, you can create a new record based on their Dialpad info.

And in the case where multiple matches appear, just select the right one to sync. 

Create a Ticket in Dialpad 

No need to toggle over to ServiceNow to create an incident or change report. New tickets are automatically created on active calls. 

Just toggle between your brands, mark the impact level, and add the details of the ticket. 

Once created you'll see the ticket appear under Unresolved Tickets and All Tickets with the ability to click on either to launch your ServiceNow portal. 


Dialpad Tip: Did you know you can access these features on your Android? Just reach out to our support team.

If your Admin has enabled this, every inbound call will automatically be logged in ServiceNow (including voicemails and call recordings).