Enable Office-Wide Call Recording

While automatic call recording cannot be applied to users' direct lines, Admins can allow the option for users to manually record their own calls. Users are then able to record calls at their own discretion.

Let's take a look at Office-wide call recording in Dialpad.

Who can use this feature?

Call recording is available to all customers on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

Enable Call Recording for Shared Lines

Main Line & Department


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin SettingsOffice/Main Line or Departments > Advanced Settings Automatic Call Recording.

Select Automatically Record All Calls to this Department, then Dialpad will record all calls.

Since automatic call recording does not apply to transferred calls, the recipient of the transfer must then manually record the call.

Admins for Main Lines and Departments will find call recordings in the Shared Line's inbox as well as in the Call History menu. Keep in mind that only Admins assigned to the Shared Line are able to access these call recordings, not Operators.


Dialpad allows you to play a greeting for callers after connecting with an Operator to indicate the call is being recorded. In some jurisdictions, this is required by law. (Just make sure you let the recording play before you speak to avoid any overlapping conversation!)

Pre-made greetings are available, but you can also record,or upload, a custom greeting instead.

When the department admin deletes a recording through the app, the recording will be hidden from the app, but can still be accessed in the call history. The recording will remain available for a set time, depending on the retention policy. The default retention is five hours, but companies can set their own custom recording retention policies.

Call Center


From the Dialpad app, navigate to Admin Settings Call CentersAdvanced Settings Automatic Call Recording & Transcription.

You'll see call recording can be turned on for both inbound and outbound calls, and Admins are able to create an exception list as well as a call recording greeting.

Please review this Help Center article to learn more about call recording for a Call Center.

Operator & Agent View for Call Recording


Operators and Agents assigned to a Shared Line with call recording will see an indicator at the top of an active call.

Enable Call Recording for Users


From Dialpad.com, navigate to Admin Settings Office Office SettingsOffice-wide SettingsMaking Calls.

Select Allow Team Members to Record Their Calls, then determine if the caller should be notified that the call is being recorded. If you opt-in to notifying the caller, they will hear "this call is being recorded" at the start of the call.

Users will find their call recordings in the Dialpad app's inbox as well as in the Call History menu.

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