Mobile App Updates


August 4, 2017

iOS v2.8.3 updates include:


July 27, 2017

iOS v2.8.2 updates include:

  • Microsoft InTune Support: If your Organization utilizes Microsoft Intune, users can now login with InTune after downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app. 

  • Department Operators: Now you'll be able to see which Operator interacted with a caller from within a Department chat. Learn more about handling Department calls. 

July 7, 2017

Android v4.3 updates include:

  • Operator Name in Department chat: Now you'll be able to see which Operator interacted with a caller from within a Department chat. Learn more about handling Department calls. 

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Transfer, Call Switching, Contacts


June 26, 2017

iOS v2.8 updates include:

  • Log Salesforce Activity: Now you can view and log activity straight from your iOS app. Learn more

  • Hold & Accept (HD Calling): Receive a second HD call and we'll give you the option to put your first caller on holder & accept the second call. Learn more about your call handling options.

  • MMS Improvements: Share images straight from your gallery to Dialpad and get the chance to preview messages before sending. Learn more about messaging on iOS.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Audio Switching (Bluetooth), HD Calling


May 30, 2017

iOS v2.7 updates include:

  • Warm Transfer Option: Now your iOS device has the full range of transfer options, including Ask First, Warm, and Transfer to VM. Learn more.

  • Save New Numbers: For new numbers that haven't been saved yet, you'll see an option to create a new contact or add to an existing one. Learn more.

  • Retiring iOS8 Support: On June 1, we will be retiring support for iOS8. If you're still using iOS8, your app will continue to work as it does today. However, we recommend upgrading to iOS10 to receive future mobile enhancements.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Messaging/New Call Views, Carrier > HD Call Switching

May 16, 2017

Android v4.21 updates include:

  • Log Salesforce Activity from Anywhere: Android users can now log Salesforce activity from their Android app just like they would on their desktop app

  • Improved HD Call Handling: Now when you're on a carrier call and an HD call comes in, you'll see a modified notification giving you the option to either accept the second call or not. 

  • Calls from Android Dialer: Calls placed from your native dialer will default to your personal phone number, however you can always adjust these settings. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Speakerphone settings, HD Calling, Messaging 

iOS v2.6.4 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: General App Stability 


April 11, 2017

iOS v2.6.3 updates include:

  • Outbound Calling Preferences: Transfer to your mobile and we'll use the outbound call preferences you've set in your app. Learn more about your mobile preferences.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: General App Stability

April 3, 2017

iOS v2.6.2 updates include:

  • iOS v10.3 Calls with Carrier: Users will see a prompt when placing a call through their carrier to confirm the use of a relay number

  • Notable Bug Fixes: CallKit/HD Calling 

Android v4.1 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: General App Stability


March 27, 2017

Android v3.8 updates include:

March 24, 2017

iOS v2.6.1 updates include:

  • Rebranded app: We've updated the look of our app to match the new look of Dialpad

  • MMS Preview: Similar to your desktop app, you can now preview MMS before sending.

  • Synced O365 Profiles: Login with Office 365 and we'll display shared docs/emails/events on your team's profiles.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Device Switching, Call Waiting Audio, Active Call Screen, Messaging 


February 17, 2017

iOS v2.5.2 updates include

  • Various Bug Fixes

February 7, 2017

iOS v2.5 updates include:

  • iOS 10 CallKit Support: Upgraded to iOS10? Now you can place/receive Dialpad HD calls straight from your native iOS interface. Learn more.

  • Audio Detection: Answered on speakerphone but need to switch to Bluetooth? Tap on the Speaker icon on your active HD call to switch between any connected devices.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Hold Queue Calls, Play VM through Bluetooth, Improved Call Stability

February 1, 2017

Android v3.7 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Ring Switches to Silent, Voicemail Notifications, Call Waiting


January 4, 2017

Android v3.6.5 updates include:

  • HD Calling Updates: We've tweaked some backend work to provide a smoother HD Calling experience 



December 14, 2016

Android v3.6 updates include:

  • Calendar Presence: Similar to the desktop app, you'll see an orange clock next to contacts that are in a public meeting.

  • App Shortcut: Using an Android 7.1 or above? Long press on the Dialpad app for quick access to recent contacts or to place a new call.

  • Contact Info on Carrier Calls: Place a call with your carrier network and we'll display your contact's name on the overlay. Learn more about placing calls with your Android dialer.

  • Android Auto: We now support Android auto - offering drivers a safer way to use Dialpad on the road.

  • Messaging Reliability: We've made some tweaks to increase messaging reliability and offer a smoother experience for users.

  • Various Bug Fixes: HD Calls Ringtone, Bluetooth, Voicemail Notifications

December 1, 2016

iOS v2.4.2 updates include:

  • Badge Count Updates: Your badge notification will now reflect the actual # of notifications you've received on personal and Dept. lines rather than the default 1.

  • Performance Enhancements: We've done a bit of work on the back end to enhance performance and reduce forced closures.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Call screen, Dept. notifications, Call Blocking


October 28, 2016

iOS v2.4 updates include:

  • Voicemail Transcription: Pro or Enterprise account? Now voicemail transcription displays within your iOS device. Learn more.

  • Rate Your Calls: Just like your desktop app, you can now rate your call and even submit a poor call quality to our support team. Learn more.

  • Missed Calls added to Depts: Navigate to your Dept. inbox and you'll see a new category for missed calls.

  • Various Bug Fixes: HD Calling, Dept. Contacts, Push Notifications

October 21, 2016

Android v3.5 updates include:

  • Dialpad for Android Tablets: Now you can place/receive HD calls with your Android tablet. 

  • Rate Your Calls: Just like your desktop app, you can now rate your call and even submit poor call quality to our support team. Learn more.

  • Pre-Call Notification: Right before you receive a carrier call, you'll see a notification at the top of your screen. It's our little way of giving you a heads up. Learn more.
  • Improved Battery Life: We've tweaked some backend settings to help improve the life of your battery for both mobile and tablets.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Messaging, HD calling, Dept. notifications



September 23, 2016

  • HD Calling: We're simplified your HD Calling options for both iOS and Android. Learn more

  • Swipe Left / Right: Need to archive a message? Swipe left on either iOS or Android. Bonus: swipe right to place a call.

  • Dept. Contact Tags (iOS): Now Dept. contacts appear with a colored tag beneath their name in your Search results. Learn more.

  • Missed Calls for Depts. (Android): We've added a Missed category to your Dept. Inbox. Learn more.

  • Phone Verification Updates: A new facelift to your phone verification screen. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): Caller ID, Ringtones, Notifications

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): Add Callers, Call Blocking, MMS

  • iOS v2.3

  • Android v3.4


August 16, 2016

  • Group Messaging (iOS): Add or remove members from your group message (or leave it altogether) from your iPhone or iPad. Learn more.

  • Call Blocking (iOS): Receiving unwelcomed calls and/or messages? Take back control of who contacts your business from your iOS device. Learn more.

  • Offline Notification (iOS): Lost your connection? We'll give you a heads up with a banner display notification in your app, even when you're on an active call. Learn more

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): HD Calling (VoIP), Settings, Active Call Screens

  • iOS v2.2

August 9, 2016

  • Add a Caller (Android): Now you can add another caller while using the Android app. Learn more.

  • Improved Push Notifications (Android): We've made some improvements to your push notifications, like grouping multiple messages, labeling Department messages, and offering direct reply options for Android N and above users. Learn more.

  • Offline Notification (Android): Lost your connection? We'll give you a heads up with a banner display notification in your app, even when you're on an active call. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): HD Calling (VoIP), Contacts, Voicemail

  • Android v3.3


July 8, 2016

  • Dept. Contact Tags (Android): When searching for a contact, we'll display a colored tag denoting whether or not they're a Department contact. Learn more.

  • Missed & Voicemail Notification (Android): If you receive a missed call and voicemail from a contact, we'll combine the notification rather than displaying two separate alerts.

  • iPad Video Tutorial: Need a walkthrough of our iPad app? Check out our newest tutorial video.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): DND, VoIP, Editing Contacts

  • Android v3.2

July 1, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): Call Recording, VoIP, Dept. Notifications

  • 3D Touch (iOS): For users with iPhone 6 or 6S, 3D Touch is now enabled to quick launch Search, New Message, and Recent Contacts.

  • iOS v2.1.0


June 8, 2016

  • Forwarding Prompt: Dialpad calls ending up in your personal voicemail? Route them back to where they belong with our forwarding prompt. Learn more. 

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): MMS, Crash Fixes, Messages

  • iOS v2.0.7

June 3, 2016

  • Dialpad for iPad (iOS): Now you can add your iPad to your mobile devices powered by Dialpad. Learn more.

  • iOS v2.0


May 12, 2016

  • Call Blocking (Android): Receiving unwelcomed calls and/or messages? Now you can block those numbers from your Android device. Learn more.

  • Warm Transfer (Andriod): Need to check before transferring someone over? With Warm Transfer, you can 'Ask First' before transferring your call. Learn more.

  • Voicemail Improvements (Android): Voicemail playback slider, Playback through speakerphone

  • Search Events (Android): Search a specific phrase/word then tap on the message to be pulled into the conversation at that moment. Learn more.

  • In-App Notification Bar (Android): Miss a notification? We got your back. A notification bar will display at the bottom of your app for any missed calls/messages. Learn more.

  • Incoming Call Notification (Android): Incoming carrier calls will display a pop-up notification alerting you of the incoming call (plus, we'll show the caller ID). Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): VoIP, Dept. DND, Voicemail

  • Android v3.1


April 14, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): VoIP

  • iOS v1.99


March 21, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): VoIP, International Dialing

  • Android v3.03

March 10, 2016

  • Redesigned App (Android): A new look and feel for Android users, enhancing their experience with the mobile app.

  • Leave the Group (Android): Started a group message in the app? Now as the Owner you can leave the group or remove a member (needs 4+ members in the group).

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): VoIP, Edit Profile, MMS/Video

  • Android v3.01


February 12, 2016

  • Caller ID on Forwarding Devices: Need help deciphering between personal and Dept. calls on your forwarding device? Now you can set how your incoming caller ID appear. Learn more


January 13, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): Recent List, Open Sign Up, Google Authentication

  • iOS v1.98

January 4, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): Dept. notifications, Voicemail, Volume Control

  • Android v2.4