Mobile App Updates


May 16, 2017

Android v4.21 updates include:

  • Log Salesforce Activity from Anywhere: Android users can now log Salesforce activity from their Android app just like they would on their desktop app

  • Improved HD Call Handling: Now when you're on a carrier call and an HD call comes in, you'll see a modified notification giving you the option to either accept the second call or not. 

  • Calls from Android Dialer: Calls placed from your native dialer will default to your personal phone number, however you can always adjust these settings. Learn more.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Speakerphone settings, HD Calling, Messaging 

iOS v2.6.4 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: General App Stability 


April 11, 2017

iOS v2.6.3 updates include:

  • Outbound Calling Preferences: Transfer to your mobile and we'll use the outbound call preferences you've set in your app. Learn more about your mobile preferences.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: General App Stability

April 3, 2017

iOS v2.6.2 updates include:

  • iOS v10.3 Calls with Carrier: Users will see a prompt when placing a call through their carrier to confirm the use of a relay number

  • Notable Bug Fixes: CallKit/HD Calling 

Android v4.1 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: General App Stability


March 27, 2017

Android v3.8 updates include:

March 24, 2017

iOS v2.6.1 updates include:

  • Rebranded app: We've updated the look of our app to match the new look of Dialpad

  • MMS Preview: Similar to your desktop app, you can now preview MMS before sending.

  • Synced O365 Profiles: Login with Office 365 and we'll display shared docs/emails/events on your team's profiles.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Device Switching, Call Waiting Audio, Active Call Screen, Messaging 


February 17, 2017

iOS v2.5.2 updates include

  • Various Bug Fixes

February 7, 2017

iOS v2.5 updates include:

  • iOS 10 CallKit Support: Upgraded to iOS10? Now you can place/receive Dialpad HD calls straight from your native iOS interface. Learn more.

  • Audio Detection: Answered on speakerphone but need to switch to Bluetooth? Tap on the Speaker icon on your active HD call to switch between any connected devices.

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Hold Queue Calls, Play VM through Bluetooth, Improved Call Stability

February 1, 2017

Android v3.7 updates include:

  • Notable Bug Fixes: Ring Switches to Silent, Voicemail Notifications, Call Waiting


January 4, 2017

Android v3.6.5 updates include:

  • HD Calling Updates: We've tweaked some backend work to provide a smoother HD Calling experience 



December 14, 2016

Android v3.6 updates include:

  • Calendar Presence: Similar to the desktop app, you'll see an orange clock next to contacts that are in a public meeting.

  • App Shortcut: Using an Android 7.1 or above? Long press on the Dialpad app for quick access to recent contacts or to place a new call.

  • Contact Info on Carrier Calls: Place a call with your carrier network and we'll display your contact's name on the overlay. Learn more about placing calls with your Android dialer.

  • Android Auto: We now support Android auto - offering drivers a safer way to use Dialpad on the road.

  • Messaging Reliability: We've made some tweaks to increase messaging reliability and offer a smoother experience for users.

  • Various Bug Fixes: HD Calls Ringtone, Bluetooth, Voicemail Notifications

December 1, 2016

iOS v2.4.2 updates include:

  • Badge Count Updates: Your badge notification will now reflect the actual # of notifications you've received on personal and Dept. lines rather than the default 1.

  • Performance Enhancements: We've done a bit of work on the back end to enhance performance and reduce forced closures.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Call screen, Dept. notifications, Call Blocking


October 28, 2016

iOS v2.4 updates include:

  • Voicemail Transcription: Pro or Enterprise account? Now voicemail transcription displays within your iOS device. Learn more.

  • Rate Your Calls: Just like your desktop app, you can now rate your call and even submit a poor call quality to our support team. Learn more.

  • Missed Calls added to Depts: Navigate to your Dept. inbox and you'll see a new category for missed calls.

  • Various Bug Fixes: HD Calling, Dept. Contacts, Push Notifications

October 21, 2016

Android v3.5 updates include:

  • Dialpad for Android Tablets: Now you can place/receive HD calls with your Android tablet. 

  • Rate Your Calls: Just like your desktop app, you can now rate your call and even submit poor call quality to our support team. Learn more.

  • Pre-Call Notification: Right before you receive a carrier call, you'll see a notification at the top of your screen. It's our little way of giving you a heads up. Learn more.
  • Improved Battery Life: We've tweaked some backend settings to help improve the life of your battery for both mobile and tablets.

  • Various Bug Fixes: Messaging, HD calling, Dept. notifications



September 23, 2016

  • HD Calling: We're simplified your HD Calling options for both iOS and Android. Learn more

  • Swipe Left / Right: Need to archive a message? Swipe left on either iOS or Android. Bonus: swipe right to place a call.

  • Dept. Contact Tags (iOS): Now Dept. contacts appear with a colored tag beneath their name in your Search results. Learn more.

  • Missed Calls for Depts. (Android): We've added a Missed category to your Dept. Inbox. Learn more.

  • Phone Verification Updates: A new facelift to your phone verification screen. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): Caller ID, Ringtones, Notifications

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): Add Callers, Call Blocking, MMS

  • iOS v2.3

  • Android v3.4


August 16, 2016

  • Group Messaging (iOS): Add or remove members from your group message (or leave it altogether) from your iPhone or iPad. Learn more.

  • Call Blocking (iOS): Receiving unwelcomed calls and/or messages? Take back control of who contacts your business from your iOS device. Learn more.

  • Offline Notification (iOS): Lost your connection? We'll give you a heads up with a banner display notification in your app, even when you're on an active call. Learn more

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): HD Calling (VoIP), Settings, Active Call Screens

  • iOS v2.2

August 9, 2016

  • Add a Caller (Android): Now you can add another caller while using the Android app. Learn more.

  • Improved Push Notifications (Android): We've made some improvements to your push notifications, like grouping multiple messages, labeling Department messages, and offering direct reply options for Android N and above users. Learn more.

  • Offline Notification (Android): Lost your connection? We'll give you a heads up with a banner display notification in your app, even when you're on an active call. Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): HD Calling (VoIP), Contacts, Voicemail

  • Android v3.3


July 8, 2016

  • Dept. Contact Tags (Android): When searching for a contact, we'll display a colored tag denoting whether or not they're a Department contact. Learn more.

  • Missed & Voicemail Notification (Android): If you receive a missed call and voicemail from a contact, we'll combine the notification rather than displaying two separate alerts.

  • iPad Video Tutorial: Need a walkthrough of our iPad app? Check out our newest tutorial video.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): DND, VoIP, Editing Contacts

  • Android v3.2

July 1, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): Call Recording, VoIP, Dept. Notifications

  • 3D Touch (iOS): For users with iPhone 6 or 6S, 3D Touch is now enabled to quick launch Search, New Message, and Recent Contacts.

  • iOS v2.1.0


June 8, 2016

  • Forwarding Prompt: Dialpad calls ending up in your personal voicemail? Route them back to where they belong with our forwarding prompt. Learn more. 

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): MMS, Crash Fixes, Messages

  • iOS v2.0.7

June 3, 2016

  • Dialpad for iPad (iOS): Now you can add your iPad to your mobile devices powered by Dialpad. Learn more.

  • iOS v2.0


May 12, 2016

  • Call Blocking (Android): Receiving unwelcomed calls and/or messages? Now you can block those numbers from your Android device. Learn more.

  • Warm Transfer (Andriod): Need to check before transferring someone over? With Warm Transfer, you can 'Ask First' before transferring your call. Learn more.

  • Voicemail Improvements (Android): Voicemail playback slider, Playback through speakerphone

  • Search Events (Android): Search a specific phrase/word then tap on the message to be pulled into the conversation at that moment. Learn more.

  • In-App Notification Bar (Android): Miss a notification? We got your back. A notification bar will display at the bottom of your app for any missed calls/messages. Learn more.

  • Incoming Call Notification (Android): Incoming carrier calls will display a pop-up notification alerting you of the incoming call (plus, we'll show the caller ID). Learn more.

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): VoIP, Dept. DND, Voicemail

  • Android v3.1


April 14, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): VoIP

  • iOS v1.99


March 21, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): VoIP, International Dialing

  • Android v3.03

March 10, 2016

  • Redesigned App (Android): A new look and feel for Android users, enhancing their experience with the mobile app.

  • Leave the Group (Android): Started a group message in the app? Now as the Owner you can leave the group or remove a member (needs 4+ members in the group).

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): VoIP, Edit Profile, MMS/Video

  • Android v3.01


February 12, 2016

  • Caller ID on Forwarding Devices: Need help deciphering between personal and Dept. calls on your forwarding device? Now you can set how your incoming caller ID appear. Learn more


January 13, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (iOS): Recent List, Open Sign Up, Google Authentication

  • iOS v1.98

January 4, 2016

  • Various Bug Fixes (Android): Dept. notifications, Voicemail, Volume Control

  • Android v2.4