Headsets (FAQs)

Can I use a USB headset with a docking station?

We've found that some strange things can happen when you plug your USB headset directly into your docking station, especially with USB ports. 

To ensure that you don't experience call quality issues like one-way audio or choppiness, plug your USB headset directly into your computer. 

Learn more about setting your audio preferences.

Do wireless headsets work with Dialpad?

Wireless headsets will only work if your headset comes with a USB dongle (not USB adapters built for wireless headsets) that you can plug into your computer. 

Can I use my mobile headphones with Dialpad?

Chances are your headphones won't give you the call quality you need. We recommend swapping out your headphones for a USB headset that plugs directly into your laptop. 

Can I use a Bluetooth headset with the mobile apps?

Absolutely. Just use your Bluetooth as you normally would with your mobile device to answer Dialpad calls on your iOS or Android app.