Call Queue (FAQs)

How many Agents can be assigned to a Call Queue?

200 Agents. Learn more about assigning Agents to your Call Queues

Can we ring all Agents at the same time?

No, Agents in a Call Queue are rung out individually based on whichever Agent has gone the longest without answering a call. 

Can Agents use their mobile apps to handle calls?

Yes. Once Agents have been added to a Call Queue, they'll see it displayed within their mobile apps. Call Queues on the iOS and Android apps function just like Depts.

Can Agents send messages within Call Queues?

Yes, Agents can send messages on behalf of their assigned Call Queues to customers. This feature functions just like Department messages.

Can Agents claim a caller in their Hold Queue?

No. Your Call Queue will automatically assign whichever caller has been on hold the longest to whichever Agent has been idle the longest. 

How many Call Queues can I create?

Companies on the Pro plan can create up to 25 Call Queues. There is no limit for our Enterprise plan. 

Does Dialpad support circular call routing between Call Queues?

While you are able to route callers from one Call Queue to the next, circular call routing is not currently supported in Dialpad.

But what do we mean when we say circular call routing? Let's take a look at the example below:

  • John calls Call Queue A
  • No Agent answers the call
  • Secondary call handling option is set to forward to another Call Queue: Call Queue B
  • John is routed to Call Queue B
  • No Agents answer the call 
  • Secondary call handling option set to forward to another Call Queue: Call Queue A
  • John is routed back to Call Queue A 

Since this isn't supported in Dialpad, once your caller is routed to your second Call Queue and no Agents answer, they'll be routed to your Call Queue's voicemail (another reason to make sure you've set that up before sharing the number).