Create a Call Center

Call Centers are available as a paid add-on with Pro and Enterprise plans. Every Dialpad Pro and Enterprise account comes with 1 free call center with 5 available agent licenses.

Call Centers give more teams more flexibility when it comes to customer support and call routing. Call Center features include:

Let's take a quick look at how you'd create a new Call Center in Dialpad.

Create a Call Center

To get started, navigate to > Admin Settings > Call Centers > Add a Call Center


After creating your Call Center, you'll be able to add local or toll-free numbers as well as add a fax number (additional charges apply). 

Purchase Call Center Licenses 

Before you can assign users as Agents to a Call Center, you'll need to purchase Call Center licenses for each user. 

You'll see this option under Agents & Admins as well as under  Admin Settings > Office > Team > Buy Call Center Licenses


Just purchase the number of licenses you'll need for each active agent that you plan on adding to a Call Center. 

Dialpad Tip: You'll assign an individual Call Center licenses to a user, so users can work more than one Call Center. 

Add Agents and Admins

Next, you'll need to assign team members as Agents to make and receive calls on your Call Center. Here's how: 

  1. Add people from your team by typing in the search field 
  2. If desired, select either Make Supervisor or Make Admin from the drop-down 


Call Center Supervisors have all the access as an Agent with the ability to utilize coaching metrics like Listen In, Barge In, and Take Over, as well as access the dashboard and set alerts. 

Call Center Admins have all of the above-mentioned access in addition to being able to edit Call Center settings. 

Set Business Hours & Call Handling

This section includes areas to:


Hold Music 

Whether you decide to upload your own tune or one of ours, make sure to set your Hold Music as this will play for callers while they wait in your Hold Queue.


Advanced Settings

Your advanced settings give you more control over your Call Center. Scroll through this section to:


Dashboard and Alerts 

Keep a finger on the pulse of your Call Center. Your Dashboard & Alerts section is where you'll find customizable alerts & notification settings. 

Admins can set alerts for the following: 


Have more questions about Call Centers? Check out FAQ

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