Create a Call Queue

Call Queues are available on the Pro and Enterprise plan.

Call Queues are an alternate way to route your callers to a specific group of team members.

Unlike Departments which offer ring-all, Agents on a Call Queue are rung one at a time. When all Agents are busy assisting other callers, incoming calls can be routed to a hold queue.

Create a Call Queue

 Navigate to > Admin Settings > Call Queues > Add a Call Queue


Add a Call Queue Number

Call Queue numbers let customers call your Queue directly, instead of having to route through your Main Line.

Other benefits to a Call Queue number include:

  • The ability to transfer calls to the Call Queue
  • Allow Agents to call customers via the Dept caller ID
  • Allow Agents to message customers via the caller ID

Dialpad Tip: Adding a Call Queue number is an additional charge.

Do I have to add a Call Queue number to use Call Queues?

Nope. If you don't add a Call Queue number, you'll just need to select the Queue from your Main Line call handling options so callers can still reach your Agents

Here's how:

  • Navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Main Line > Call Handling
  • Select To a Dept from your call handling menu or select Forward to Dept from the Automated Response Menu and select your Call Queue from the drop-down

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