Forwarding Numbers

How do I remove a forwarding number?

If you want to remove a forwarding number from your account, navigate to>Your Settings>Your Devices>Forwarding Number>Remove.

How many forwarding numbers can I add to my account?

You can add up to five forwarding numbers on your Dialpad account.

Can a forwarding number be associated with more than one account?

No—a forwarding number can only be assigned to one account at a time. If you try to assign a forwarding number to another account, the number will be removed from the first account and assigned to the new account.

The account that is losing the forwarding number will receive an email confirmation that this has happened.

Can I add an international number as my forwarding number?

Your forwarding number must match the location of your Office—in other words, if you have a US-based Office, you need to add a US-based phone number as your forwarding number. 

Likewise, if you have an international Office, you'll need to add an international number (specifically from that country) as your forwarding number. 

I disabled the 'Answer Forwarded Calls' prompt, but I'm still being asked to press 1 on my forwarding device - what gives?

If you pick up an incoming call on your forwarding device within 5 seconds, you will still be required to press 1 to verify that it's really you answering and not your voicemail. 

Since you're picking up so quickly, it's hard for our system to know for sure that it's you answering and not your voicemail.