Swap or Re-Assign Numbers in Dialpad

Just because you assign a number in Dialpad doesn't mean you're stuck with it—in fact, all plan types can swap or move numbers around on their accounts. 

For Standard plans, send a request to our support team with the changes you'd like to make to your account.

For Pro and Enterprise plans, Admins can manage these changes straight from their Admin settings page.

Let's take a look at the options Pro and Enterprise Admins have when it comes to number assignments, starting with swapping user lines. 

Swap a User Line 

Need to swap your user's primary number for another one? Here's how:  

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Office > Team 
  2. Find your user and select Swap Phone Number from the drop-down
  3. From the number assignment window either:
    • Search for a new number by area code or city name
    • Select one of our suggested numbers 
    • Select Unassigned Numbers to pull from your unassigned pool 

Once you confirm the changes, your user's previous number will be placed in your Unassigned Numbers for you to access later on or reassign somewhere else. 

Speaking of which, let's take a look at how to assign an unassigned number in the Admin portal.

Dialpad Tip: Unassigned numbers are only available on Pro or Enterprise plans.

Assign an Unassigned Number

Have some unassigned numbers that need to be re-assigned? Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Office > Team > Unassigned Numbers
  2. Find the unassigned number and select Assign This Number from the drop-down
  3. From the search window, search for either a user, Department, or Office
  4. Select Re-Assign and confirm any billing changes to finalize 

Have more questions about number assignments in Dialpad? Check out our FAQ