Reassign Numbers

If you need to swap or move around numbers on your account, you'll need to reach out to our support team to ensure that you don't lose any numbers and that the swap is done without any disturbances to your calls.

We're able to swap around:

  • Main Line #s
  • Department #s
  • Team Member #s
  • Fax Line #s

Unassigned Numbers

Have unassigned numbers? Pro and Enterprise plans can pull from a managed list to assign and/or remove from team members, Departments, Main Line, Call Queues, etc. 

Unassigned Numbers—Team Invites

  1. Navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Office Settings > Team
  2. Search or manually enter the team member's email address
  3. Select Edit Number next to your team member's new number
  4. Select Unassigned Numbers


Unassigned Numbers—Managed Portal

  1. Navigate to > Admin Settings > Office > Office Settings > Team
  2. Select Unassigned Numbers
  3. Either search or manually find the unassigned number 
  4. Select Assign This Number from the drop-down menu
  5. Search for the team member, Dept, Office, etc. to assign 
  6. Select Re-Assign


Dialpad Tip: You can also remove unassigned numbers. Just select Remove from the drop-down on your unassigned number.