Fax Lines (FAQs)

Can I port in an existing fax number?

No, not at this time. You or your Company Admin will need to choose from the numbers available when adding a fax line. 

How much does it cost to send a fax?

$0.10/page after 100 free pages (inbound and outbound) per month. At the beginning of your billing cycle, we'll refresh your account back to 100 pages.

Can I port out an existing fax number?

No, not at this time.

Can I fax an international number?

Absolutely — here's a list of our available countries and respective rates (USD). 

AD $0.50
AL $0.20
AR $0.20
AS $0.50
AT $0.20
AU $0.20
BD $0.50
BE $0.50
BG $0.50
BM $0.50
BN $0.50
CA $0.50
CH $0.20
CL $0.20
CN $0.20
CO $0.20
CR $0.20
CY $0.50
CZ $0.10
DE $0.50
DK $0.10
DO $0.20
ES $0.10
FI $0.10
FR $0.20
GB $0.20
GE $0.50
GF $0.50
GI $0.20
GP $0.20
GR $0.20
GU $0.20
HK $0.50
HR $0.10
IE $0.20
IL $0.20
IN $0.50
IS $0.20
IT $0.10
JP $0.10
KH $0.10
KR $0.50
LU $0.10
LV $0.10
MC $0.50
MO $0.10
MP $0.50
MQ $0.20
MT $0.50
MY $0.50
NL $0.10
NZ $0.50
PA $0.20
PE $0.10
PL $0.20
PR $0.10
PT $0.50
PY $0.50
RE $0.20
RO $0.20
SE $0.50
SG $0.50
SI $0.20
SK $0.10
SM $0.20
TH $0.20
TR $0.20
TT $0.20
TW $0.20
US $0.20
UY $0.20
VI $0.10
ZA $0.10

Can I search for and select a specific number?

Yes, however, we currently only support searching for US-based area codes. We do not support numbers outside of the US at this time. 

Where can I review my previous faxes?

Navigate to Inbox > Faxes. Here you'll see all faxes you've sent and received, and the ability to download them.

How do I delete a fax?

To delete, hover over the fax icon in your conversation thread and select Delete.

How do I know if a fax was sent?

We display text beneath the fax icon that alerts you to the current status of the fax. Once it successfully sends, the text will change from 'Pending' to 'Success' with a timestamp.

How do I add a fax line to my account?

Your Company Admin will need to purchase the # of fax licenses they need before they add lines individually.

Can I send a fax from the mobile app?

No, sending a fax is only supported on desktop apps.