Caller ID

Will my room phone display the Department/Main Line caller ID for inbound calls?

No—your room phone will display your caller's ID for inbound calls.

Personal devices, like your mobile or desk phone, can be configured to display your assigned Department or Main Line on inbound calls. To do this, simply navigate to the web portal then Your Settings > Your Devices > Advanced Settings.

Is there an Admin setting to default a specific global caller ID for the entire team?

No, not at this time.

Can I set my Department ID as my global outbound ID?

Yes — any Department or Call Queue that you've been assigned as an Operator or Agent can be used as your global outbound ID.


What happens in the case where a user is part of multiple Departments?

Everything still applies. Keep in mind that setting a Department ID covers the following cases:

  • When an Operator clicks on a Department contact
  • When an Operator attempts to make a new outbound call and selects the Department from the New Call flow

This ensures that the displayed ID is the one set by the Department Administrator.

If a Department outbound ID is set, does that mean every call a user makes through the app will display that selected Department ID?

No. Setting a Department ID has no impact on an Operator's ability to dial out from their personal Dialpad number.

In other words, an Operator still has the ability to dial out from their personal line if they want. 
The Department outbound ID is just to ensure that Operators use the same ID when communicating.

I have a user with an Obihai User Phone and they want to change the outbound ID to a Department number. Is this possible?

No. Currently, the only way for an Obihai phone to have a Department outbound ID is to configure it as a room phone. This ensures that all the call history remains within the Department.

What if I call someone internally? Does the ID show the global ID?

Yes, your global ID will apply for both internal and external calls. 

Does this impact the ID used for messaging?

No. The ID used for messaging for personal or Department communications is not impacted.