Desk Phones (FAQs)

Are digital phones supported?

Digital phones that aren't SIP capable are not supported. Additionally, Obihai Adapters can only be used with analog phones. 

Can I take my Obihai to another provider?

It'll just depend on where you bought it. 

Obihai's purchased from Dialpad can be brought to another provider, but keep the following in mind:

  1. Each device will need to go through a customization procedure
  2. This procedure needs to be coordinated between the Dialpad account holder and Obihai's support team (requires 1-3 business days)

Re-customization requests can be submitted to our support team.

Devices bought from a third-party can be used with any other provider with a factory reset. 

Can I resell an Obihai purchased through Dialpad?

No. Our devices are preconfigured with firmware via Obihai Technologies, and we are unable to remove the pre-provisioned firmware on the phone. 

Can I add different firmware on a desk phone purchased through Dialpad?

No, not at this time. 

How come some features outlined in my Obihai or Polycom manual aren't working?

Dialpad uses a custom configuration on Obihai/Polycom phones. Some features are "locked down", which means they are not available with our configuration.

Not all features on the phone are available when registered on the Dialpad platform. The features will be overwritten by the configuration server. Attempting to change these features will cause a reboot, and, the features will not be provisioned.

For example, programmable keys need to be provisioned as speed dial keys. If you add the name and number, the server will not overwrite. If you try to set one up as a transfer, the feature will be overwritten when the server cycles.


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