G Suite

I can't get past the 'Are you the G Suite Admin for your Office' step during Sign Up.

Sometimes G Suite Admins can't get past this message because API access is turned off on their G Suite domain. We use the API in order to verify that you're the G Suite Admin and to access your Office user list. 

As the G Suite Admin, you can enable API access from your Google Admin console by:

  1. Signing into your Google Admin console
  2. Navigate to Security>API Reference
  3. Check 'Enable API Access'
  4. Click 'Save Changes'

Once you've re-enabled API access you should be able to continue the Dialpad signup process for your Office.

Can I remove certain sidebar integrations (Gmail, Docs, Google Calendar)?

Sure - just have your Admin contact our support team to let them know which integration you want to remove.