Your Dialpad Profile

As an individual user (and not a Dialpad Admin), chances are you won't spend too much time in the web portal. There are, however, some important features here that every user should know. 

Let's take a closer look at your Dialpad profile and the settings and features you'll find there. 

To get started, simply navigate to and select your login options (Google, Microsoft, Email + Password) to be taken straight to your profile. 


If you're a G Suite or Office 365 user (and have a photo uploaded there) you'll see it automatically displayed here. You'll also see your name (with the ability to edit), and your Dialpad associated email address. 

Dialpad Numbers & Caller ID 

Every user is automatically assigned a direct Dialpad number (Your Dialpad Number). If your Admin has added a fax line to your account or an UberConference account, you'll see those numbers appear here as well. 

Beneath your numbers is your global caller ID drop-down (meaning across all your connected Dialpad devices).


By default, this is set to your direct number but you may see other options here if you've been assigned as an Operator or Agent or your Admin has enabled office-wide caller ID settings


By default, this is set to PST (pacific standard time) so make sure that you've toggled this to your current timezone.  


Voicemail Settings

Your User & Voicemail PIN is automatically generated by Dialpad (although you can change it by selecting this option next to your PIN number).

Use your PIN as a way to:

  • Record your voicemail greeting
  • Check new voicemails
  • Toggle yourself on/off DND


Right beneath your PIN is a section for Voicemails & Missed Calls. This area includes options to:

And if you select Show Advanced Options, you'll see a section to adjust how long calls ring out on your devices, and where to route callers once they reach that duration. 

Lastly, you'll see an option to automatically backup your audio files in Dialpad (just so you don't miss a beat). 

Your Dialpad Devices 

Here's where all your Dialpad connected devices live. If your Admin has already provisioned a deskphone for you, you'll see it appear here (and if your Admin has enabled this, you'll see an option to add your own phone). 


Plus, you'll have the option to add a forwarding number so Dialpad calls can also ring out on those devices (5 forwarding numbers max). 


Executive Assistant

While Admins can create Executive Assistant pairings between any of their users, we also give individual team members the ability to pair up as an Executive or an Assistant.


In either case, both parties will have to confirm from an emailed notification before the changes take place.  

For Your Safety 

In the case of an emergency, we want to ensure that first responders can locate the right physical location for your office or co-work space. 


You can change the physical address by selecting Edit and entering in your current location instead. 


What's Next?