Access the Web Portal

While you'll mostly be working in the app, the web portal has a few key areas that you should familiarize yourself with.

To access the web portal, visit If you're not already, log into your account to access your Profile page.

Here you'll see your:

  • Your Profile (Dialpad numbers, Timezone, User & VM PIN)
  • Your Voicemail Greeting
  • Your Devices
  • Exec Assistant Pairings


User and Voicemail PIN

Your User & Voicemail PIN can be used to:

  • Remotely check your voicemail
  • Record a new voicemail greeting
  • Toggle yourself on/off DND


To access the above options:

  1. Call your personal Dialpad # from your forwarding phone or desk phone*
  2. Enter your User & VM PIN
  3. Select the desired option

*Forwarding phone and desk phone must be tied to your Dialpad account.

Dialpad Tip: Click Change to generate a new User & Voicemail PIN at any time. 

Manage Your Devices

Manage what devices ring when you receive incoming calls. By default, each device that you use to access Dialpad will appear here.

You can either uncheck certain devices so they don't ring or you can remove them completely.


Additionally, you can set how incoming caller IDs appear. Find these options under Advanced Settings.


Note: Removing your desktop from Connected Devices will log you out of the app automatically.

If you wish to remove a mobile device (iPhone/iPad) you will need to remove the forwarding number. This section also gives you the option to add a desk phone, in addition to a forwarding number.

Add a Forwarding Number

When you add a forwarding number, you're giving us the OK to ring out to whichever device you've connected when you receive a Dialpad call.

Essentially, we're forwarding that call to ring, offering you the flexibility to work from anywhere.


If you want calls to ring out to your mobile device, add your number here. If you see your mobile number appear here when you first log in that means that you've verified the number via our iOS or Android app. 

Additionally, you can set how incoming caller IDs appear. Find these options under Advanced Settings.


Add Executive Assistant Pairings

Assistants take incoming calls for others. When enabled, any incoming calls to the designated Executive will also ring the Assistant. You can either add an Assistant to handle your calls or add yourself to an Executive.


Your Dialpad Administrator can also do this for multiple team members.

Create an Executive Assistant Pairing

To add another team member as your Executive or Assistant, click on the respective option and type in their name. Your team member will have to confirm this request.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to set up reciprocal pairings.

Let's say that Bob is John's Assistant. Since Bob assists John (and can answer + make calls on his behalf), Bob can't add John as his Executive since it will affect the way calls are handled. 

Change an Executive Assistant Pairing

To change your pairing, just remove your current Executive/Assistant and then type in the name of the new user you want to add.

Remove an Executive Assistant Pairing

To remove a pairing, click on Remove under your Executive Assistant screen. This will remove the connection.