Cancel Your Account

Canceling Your Free Trial

If you decide Dialpad isn’t for you, you can cancel at any time. Just contact our support team for assistance or if you have other questions about your trial.

Canceling Your Account

If you decide that Dialpad just isn't the right fit and your Company size is between 2-5 users, your Office Admin can cancel your account by navigating to>Billing Summary>Cancel My Account. 

Companies with 1 seat or Companies with 6+ seats will need to contact our support team before the end of your billing cycle to cancel your account.

Porting Out Dialpad Numbers

Before contacting your new service provider you must first get a unique PIN number associated with your number. This PIN number, along with other pieces of information, will enable your new service provider to port the number over to their system.

If you are a Dialpad Admin, navigate to and follow the prompts to receive the unique PIN number associated with your number. Note that only numbers within your Company are portable. 

There is a small fee ($3) for porting out Dialpad numbers.

If you encounter any issues, please contact our support team.