Port In Your Local Number

Company and Office Admins can initiate a port of their local number straight from their Admin portal.

Make sure you have the following information before starting:

  • The account owner name
  • The associated service address
  • The list of the numbers you want to port
  • The associated account number (typically only needed for mobile numbers)
  • The associated PIN number (typically only needed for mobile numbers)

Dialpad Tip: We'd suggest checking with your current provider to confirm what information to provide us in order to port your numbers.

Initiate a Request

  • Navigate to Dialpad.com>Office>Number Porting
  • Select New Port Request


Batching Numbers

Admins can batch up to 20 local numbers, separated by commas. Need more? Contact our support team

Ex:1 (555) 555-9876,1 (555)-1234,15555677


Account Info & Number Assignment

Each local number will have a drop-down menu for you to enter your account information. 


You'll also be able to assign the number to a team member, Department, room phone, etc. Just select 1 Number to pull up your search screen.


Port Status

After successfully submitting your port, Admins will see a green success bar under Completed Ports


If there's a hiccup in the request, we'll alert the Admin via email and with a red banner within your Porting screen that lists the steps to correct the issue. 



Have more questions about porting? Check out our FAQ.