Port In Your Local Number

Make sure you have the following information before starting:

  • The account owner's name
  • The associated service address
  • The list of the numbers you want to port
  • The associated account number (typically only needed for mobile numbers)
  • The associated PIN number (typically only needed for mobile numbers)

Initiate a Request

  • Navigate to Dialpad.com > Admin Settings > Office > Number Porting
  • Select Start a New Port Request


Batching Numbers

Administrators can batch up to 5000 local numbers, separated by commas. 

Ex:1 (555) 555-9876,1 (555)-1234,15555677



Account Info and Number Assignment

Each local number will have a drop-down menu for you to enter your account information.


You'll also be able to assign the number to a team member, Department, room phone, etc. Just select Assign Number to pull up where you can search who to assign the number to. You will also have the option to keep the existing numbers already assigned.


Select Day and Time 

Before submitting your port, Admins can select the specific day and time they'd like to have their ports completed.


Port Status

Porting does take time, but rest assured we will inform you once the port has been completed. Additionally, after successfully submitting your port, Administrators will see a green success bar under Completed Ports.

If there's a hiccup in the request, we'll alert the Administrator via email and with a red banner within your Porting screen that lists the steps to correct the issue.


Have more questions about porting? Check out our porting FAQs.

You can also contact our Porting Team at porting@dialpad.com

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