Enable International Calling

International calling is available on Standard plans and above

Before your team can start making calls with their international numbers, Admins will need to reach out to our support team to enable this on their account and add calling credits to your Office's account.

Add Calling Credits

To add calling credits for your international lines follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Dialpad.com > Admin Settings > Billing > Calling Credits 
  • Select Add Value
  • Select one of the available $ amounts
  • Confirm the changes to your account

Dialpad Tip: You can enable/disable Dialpad from automatically adding $20 when your account dips below $5 from your Calling Credits screen.

Accounts paying with a credit card will see credit balance charges immediately, while invoiced accounts will be assessed the credit amount on their next invoice date.

Enable International Calling Access

Company and Office Administrators can limit which team members have international calling access.

Navigate to your Team page to reveal the option to select enable/disable international calling from each team member's drop down.


Have more questions about international calling? Take a look at our FAQ page.