Set Call Routing Rules on Main Line & Departments

Once you've set your business hours for your Main Line or Department the next step is setting up your call routing rules for when your line is open vs when it's closed. 

To get started, navigate to Admin Settings > Departments and select your Department to access Business Hours & Call Handling.


Remember, if you've selected specific hours for your line, you'll need to go through these steps twice: once for open hours routing and once for closed. 

Operators or System Greeting

Here’s the first call handling option you’ll choose: do you want callers to reach an Operator when they contact your line or a System Greeting?

If you select Operators:

  • All Operators are rung simultaneously
  • If no Operator answers, callers are routed to your secondary call handling option

Keep in mind that selecting Operators gives you the ability to change how long calls ring out to Operators before defaulting to your second option.

If you select System Greeting:

  • No Operators are rung
  • Callers are routed to one of the available options listed below 


Directly to Voicemail

Select this option to route callers straight to your Main Line or Department voicemail. Operators will receive a notification when a voicemail is received.

If you choose this option, make sure you’ve set open and/or closed hours voicemail greeting.


Just like your personal voicemail greeting, Admins have the option to:

  • Use our default greeting
  • Record a custom greeting
  • Upload a pre-recorded greeting

To a Message

If you'd rather direct callers to a message without the option to leave a voicemail, select To a Message to play an automated response. 


Just like with your voicemail or system greeting, you'll be able to either use our default message, record your own, or upload a pre-recorded one. 

To Another Department

Select this option to route callers to another Department or your Main Line. You’ll just need to select the available Department or Main Line from the drop-down menu.


You'll even have the option to create a brand new Department, too. 

To Another Team Member, Phone, or Number

Select this option to route callers to a specific team member/room phone/phone number.

Either type in the team member or room phone’s name to pull it up via search. If entering a phone number outside of Dialpad, hit Enter after you’ve added the number to save.


Automated Response Menu

Select this option to route callers through an automated response menu where a system greeting will read off the preset menu options you choose.

If you prefer, you can record or upload your own greeting to play for your callers.


Selecting automated response menu will give you the following options to assign to each number:


Dialpad Tip: Operator will only be an option on your drop-down if you selected System Greeting as your first call routing option. 

To forward to a person/# outside of Dialpad you'll need to:

  • Enter the number 
  • Hit Enter on your keyboard
  • Add a name to the number when prompted 

If you select to route callers back to Operators:

  • All Operators are rung simultaneously
  • If no Operators answer, the caller will be routed back to your automated response menu

Want callers to be routed to a voicemail if Operators are busy? In your menu, select Operators as your 1st option, then voicemail as your second.

Now that you've set call routing rules, the last step is to review and set any advanced settings like automatic call recording or default caller IDs


What's Next?