Working as an Operator

Answer a Call

Just like your personal calls, you’ll receive an incoming call alert in the right corner of your screen. You'll see the name of your caller and the Department they called.


All Operators are rung at the same time. The Operator that answers will have that call logged under their account, whereas the other Operators will have that call logged as missed. This is important for Analytic reports.


Decline a Call

Declining or missing a call will push your caller to whatever secondary call handling option your Department Administrator has set up.

Call Waiting

If enabled by your Department Administrator, Department lines can feature call waiting. All Operators must be busy in order for call waiting to appear. You'll have the following options:

  • Answer: Puts first caller on hold while you interact with second
  • Merge: Joins both first and second caller on an active call
  • Decline: Sends your second incoming call directly to your voicemail


Answer-Merge is currently only available through your desktop app.

When searching for a caller that’s contacted your Department, you’ll see a colored tag denoting which Department the caller has connected with in the past.


Place a Call

Just like your personal calls—the only difference is you’ll need to select your Department caller ID from your New Call drop-down menu.


Transfer a Call

Just like your personal calls:


Department Inbox

Your Department Inbox displays:

  • New notifications
  • All notifications
  • Voicemails
  • Recordings (Administrators only)

All Notifications

Looking to dive into past calls? This section includes information like:

  • Caller IDs
  • Call direction (inbound/outbound)
  • Call duration
  • Last handled Operator
  • Timestamp of call


Click on a caller to view call history, as well as any messages exchanged.

Dialpad Tip: To clear notifications, click the checkmark icon on the right-hand side to mark all as read.

Enable Email Notifications

Want to make sure you're kept in the loop outside of Dialpad? Enable email notifications for voicemails or faxes left on your Department line. 

Just navigate to Department page from > Admin Settings > Departments (or Main Line). You'll also have an option to toggle your DND from this page.


Toggle DND

Heading out for the day? Toggle your Do Not Disturb on in your Department Inbox to stop receiving Department calls to any of your connected devices.


Send a Message

To send a Department message:

  1. Click on New Message
  2. Select Department from New Message From drop-down


Dialpad Tip: Department messages display your Department's name and number.

Receive a Message

When you receive a message to your Department, you'll be notified on the sidebar next to your Department's name. We'll also push a notification to your Android device (no iOS or desktop app). 


For the most part, call handling features on your desktop and mobile device work the same way. There are a few key differences, however.

Let’s take a closer look at what those are.

Answer a Call (Mobile)

HD Inbound Call

  1. Banner notification displays incoming Department call
  2. Tap banner to display HD screen
  3. Tap Answer


Carrier Inbound Call

  1. Default incoming call notification
  2. Caller ID will display # based on your Forwarding Number Advanced Settings
  3. Tap Answer
  4. Press 1 to connect the call

If you don’t press 1, the caller will be sent to your Department's secondary call handling option.

Transfer a Call (Mobile)

iOS app offers:

  • Transfer Now (Direct)
  • Transfer to Voicemail (must be within Organization)


If the contact you're transferring your caller to does not pick up, the caller will be placed in their voicemail.

Android app offers:

  • Transfer Now (Direct)
  • Ask First (Warm)
  • Transfer to Voicemail (must be within Organization)


Department Inbox (Mobile)

Your Department Inbox displays:

  • New notifications
  • Recent notifications
  • Missed notifications
  • Voicemails
  • Recordings (Administrators only)