Make & receive your first call

Click on the Search icon at the top of your desktop app's screen. Once your contact appears, hover over their name to reveal the call icon.

In the case of duplicate names, hover over the Contact icon to view associated information like:

  • Job description
  • Company name
  • Email address

search a contact

You can use a variety of terms to pull up contact info in search:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Dialpad phone number
  • Forwarding number

Dialpad Tip: If you search by name, your contact will need to either be a team member or a saved contact.

Dial a Number

Click on the New Call icon at the top of your desktop app's screen to type a number. Click Call to place your new call.


Call Notifications

Incoming calls will open a pop-up notification in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If your caller is a saved contact their name and number will appear on the notification screen.

If it's an outside caller, only the number will appear.


You'll have three options when receiving a call:

Call Categories

Incoming call categories help categorize the type of calls you've received, like missed vs. abandoned.


Let's take a closer look at the different categories

Call Category What's It Mean?
Abandoned Calls Caller connected to intended target (user, room phone, Dept) but hung up before connecting
Missed Calls Caller connected to intended target but didn't leave a voicemail
Missed Call + VM Caller connected to intended target, left voicemail


A history of your calls and messages are displayed in your Inbox.

Clicking on one of these categories will display individual calls including:

  • Call direction
  • Caller ID
  • Call duration
  • Call date

Click on an individual call to be pulled into the conversation thread, where you can opt to place a new call or send a message.

Decline a Call

If you opt to decline an incoming call, the caller will be sent to your voicemail. You'll receive notification of the missed call and voicemail. If the caller is a saved contact, the notification will display your caller's name.


If it's an outside caller, only the number will appear.

Screen a Call

Click Screen Call to screen your caller to your voicemail. Selecting this option will also give you additional controls such as Pick Up, Send a Text, or Close.


Merge a Call

Need to add an incoming caller to your active call? With Answer-Merge, you can add a second caller to your existing call without putting either on hold.

When you're on an active call and another call comes in, you'll have the following options:

  • Answer: Puts your first caller on hold while you interact with your second caller
  • Merge: Joins both your first and second caller together on an active call
  • Decline: Sends your second incoming call directly to your voicemail


Dialpad Tip: Merge will only be available if your first call is active (i.e. not on hold). If you put your first call on hold before your second call comes in, you will only have the standard call handling options.

Answer-Merge is currently only available through your desktop app.

Toggle DND

If you want to temporarily stop receiving calls, you can put yourself on Do Not Disturb either through your Dialpad app or over your phone. Let's take a look at each:

Toggle DND: Dialpad App (Desktop & Mobile)

  • Click/Tap on your Profile to reveal the DND toggle
  • Click/Tap on the DND toggle to turn it ON.

When this is activated, all incoming calls will be automatically routed to your voicemail.


Dialpad Tip: Your desktop app and Android app offer a DND timer.

Toggle DND: Phone (Forwarding & Desk)

  1. Call your personal Dialpad # from your forwarding phone or desk phone*
  2. Enter your User & VM PIN
  3. Select the option to toggle DND

*Forwarding phone and desk phone must be tied to your Dialpad account.