Block a Number (FAQs)

Can I block fax numbers, too?


Is there a limit to the number of contacts I can block?


Will I be able to search blocked contacts?

Yes. Blocked contacts/numbers will remain searchable in your desktop app and will display as BLOCKED.


Can shortcodes/emergency numbers/special numbers be blocked?


If a blocked contact continues to call/message me, and I decide to unblock them, will I get the history of the communication during the time they were blocked?


What happens if I delete a blocked contact and then re-interact with them?

The contact is recreated and is unblocked.

Can I add my team members to the block list?

No, you will not be able to add your team members. Additionally, you will not be able to block any numbers associated with your account (Main Line, Depts., etc.).

What happens in a group message scenario when I block one or more of the contacts?

You will not see any messages sent to the group from your blocked contact(s).

Can group messages be blocked?

No. If you'd like to leave a group message, you can always hover over your name to reveal the Remove from Group option.

If there are multiple contacts with the same number, and I block that number, will Dialpad display all contacts as blocked?

No. If you block a contact and then there's another contact with that same number, we will not show that the second contact was blocked. However, calls from that number will still be blocked.

Can a Department contact be blocked?

Yes, but you will need your Department Admin to do this. Blocking a number on one Department will block that number from the mainline and other Departments within the Office.

Dept. Admins will need to navigate to their Dept. screen via their desktop app, locate the contact, and click 'Edit' to reveal the blocking options.

Is there a way to review a list of all Office/Department blocked numbers?

Not at this time.