Edit, View & Add Contacts

Edit your Contacts

To edit a contact:

  • Open a conversation thread with your contact
  • In their profile, click Edit Contact
  • Make your edits then click Save Changes

Beyond editing names and #s, you can also adjust the primary # of your contact in cases where they have more than 1 contact #.


Just click the phone # drop-down next to their name in your conversation thread to manually change their primary #.

View your Contacts

Click on Contacts in your left-hand sidebar to pull up the following categories:

  • Frequent: Contacts you interact with the most
  • Directory: Your fellow Dialpad team members (company-wide)
  • Departments: All Departments within your Office. Click on the Dept. to display all Operators

Search for Contacts

  • Click on the Search icon to pull up your search screen
  • Start typing in your contact's name or number to pull up their information


We split personal contacts and Dept. contacts out. You’ll notice Dept. contacts have a colored tag denoting which Dept. they belong to. 

Add a Contact

  • Click Contacts on your left-hand sidebar
  • Click Add a Contact on the right-hand side of your screen


Don't forget that contacts added in GSuite or Office 365 will automatically appear in Dialpad. 

Have more questions about syncing contacts? Check out our FAQ.