Managing Contacts in Dialpad

Once you've synced your contacts with Dialpad, either automatically or manually, the next step is learning how to access your contacts whether it's simply to look up their phone number or email or to make changes to their profile.

Let's take a closer look at managing your contacts in Dialpad, starting with looking up saved contacts. 

Search for a Contact 

To search for a contact either from your own team or a personal contact, select Search and begin typing in their name to pull up all contacts with that matching name. 

In this example, we're looking for Leonard Ciano. 


As you can see from this example, Dialpad pulled all contacts matching Leo and displayed them with their status and where they were pulled from (Google) in addition to splitting them into Personal and Department contacts. 

Why? By splitting out personal vs Department contacts you're able to quickly see which contacts have interacted with one of your Departments (meaning they either called or messaged an Operator).

And if you ever need to confirm if you've got the right person, hover over their name to display a Contact Info button that displays email and role. 

View your Contact Directory

Instead of doing a one-off search, you can navigate to Contacts within the app to pull up a directory of the following categories:

  • Frequent: Contacts you interact with the most
  • Directory: Your fellow Dialpad team members (Company-wide)
  • Departments: All Departments within your Office (click on Department to display Operators)

View your Contact's Profile

Select any one of your contacts to view your conversation thread and their contact profile sidebar. Depending on whether this is a team member or a personal contact outside of your Company, the info display will vary slightly. 


If you're a G Suite or Office 365 user, you'll see your shared docs, emails, and events displayed right within their profile (you'll even be able to click to launch the file).


And if your contact has more than one phone number, you can choose which number to use as their primary from selecting it from the drop-down in the conversation thread.


Edit a Contact's Info 

Need to make a quick adjustment to a contact's info? Just navigate to their profile and select Edit Contact to make changes. 

Keep in mind you can only edit your own, personal contacts (so that means no edits to team members).

G Suite or Office 365 user? Changes you make in Dialpad will override what you have saved in either productivity suite. Learn more about G Suite or Office 365 contact syncing. 

Create a Contact in Dialpad

Even if you've already manually added contacts or have them automatically sync with G Suite or Office 365, there are still plenty of times when you'll need to create a new contact within Dialpad. Here's how:

  1. Click Contacts on your left-hand sidebar
  2. Click Add a Contact on the right-hand side of your screen
  3. Enter in your contact's info and click Save to finalize 

Favorite a Contact 

Have contacts you're always chatting with? Why not favorite them and keep them close by?

Navigate to any contact in your Dialpad desktop app to display a ❤️ symbol. Select that to add your contact to your favorites sidebar. 



Have more questions about syncing contacts? Take a look at our FAQ page.