What's New in Dialpad

With Dialpad by your side, productivity can strike from anywhere. Take a look at the biggest updates and new features hitting your platform. 

February 2018

Easier access to your go-to people 

Now when you click into your search field, we'll show your 10 most frequently contacted users. 


Dialpad Free is now nationwide 🚀

Say hello to a better way to connect. Dialpad Free is now available throughout the US for teams using G Suite, Office 365, or just email and password. Learn more and sign up today.

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January 2018

Build stronger customer experiences with Dialpad + Zendesk

From the first phone call to the last ticket, Dialpad + Zendesk are reinventing customer service with voice, video, messages, and meetings from anywhere. Learn how to integrate Dialpad + Zendesk.

Echo? Funky? Drizzle? Pick your new ringtone for HD calls (Android)

Whether it's smooth jazz or a funky trombone solo, Android users can add a little personality to their business calls with our new ringtone menu for inbound HD calls. Find these options in your Android settings

Dialpad FREE expands to Office 365

Microsoft users, rejoice! We've just expanded Dialpad FREE to Office 365 users. Learn more about inviting and syncing your Office 365 directory

Better insights on Google Calendar events 

Now we'll display the current meeting your contact's in (as long as you have the right permissions to view) in addition to the next upcoming shared meeting.


Face to face between offices 

Need to hop on a quick call with a team member from another office? Now you can opt to launch a video call to your other Dialpad offices—just another way we're making it easier to collaborate from anywhere. 

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December 2017

Easier access to Enterprise Support

We've added a quick link to the Enterprise Support Portal under your Admin Settings in the web portal. 

Quick tap phone numbers in transcripts (iOS)

Now when you tap a phone number listed on your voicemail transcript, we'll auto-dial out to your recipient. 

A new way to communicate, for free

You don't need an office to change the world, just a voice. And now you have one—for free. Introducing Dialpad FREE, the world's first free business phone system

An easier way to find the right contact

Now when you search for a contact, we'll display where we're pulling the contact from if outside of Dialpad (like Google or Microsoft) plus the status of your contact (Available, on an UberConference, DND)



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November 2017

On an active UberConference? Now your presence shows it  

No need to second guess whether a team member is on an UberConference. Now your Dialpad presence icon displays a U whenever you're in an active meeting. Learn how to launch an UberConference from Dialpad.


Custom status makes its way to your conversations

We've added the ability for your custom status to appear within your conversation threads to team members (no worries, custom status is still just shared within your own Organization). 



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October 2017

Improved Salesforce logging for iOS 

Now users can log a note during or after a call to have it automatically log as a closed activity. Need to add notes to a past call? Select it from the new Related Call menu. 


Rename group messages on iOS 

We've added the ability to rename group messages from your iOS devices, making it easier to find chats no matter what device you're on.

Polycom ordering now supported ☎️

Not ready to cut the cord on your desk phones just yet? For the desk phone faithful out there, we've has partnered with Polycom to give Dialpad Admins the option to order pre-provisioned Polycoms directly through Dialpad. See? We can even make desk phones productive. 

Gmail + Dialpad are better together

If your existing platforms don't make each other better, what's the point? Introducing the Dialpad Gmail Add-On (now available in the G Suite Marketplace), a more intuitive way to stay connected in Dialpad without having to switch windows, manage tabs, or lose productivity. 


Looking for something? Search through messages and transcripts (iOS)

Now when you search a keyword or phrase on your iOS app, we'll pull any messages and voicemail transcripts that include that word. Tap on the search results to be pulled into the moment it was mentioned in your conversation. 


Dismiss multiple notifications at once (iOS) 

Notifications clogging up your feed? Now you can mark all as read straight from the top of your Recent thread. 

Heading to a meeting? Say it with a custom status (iOS)

Stuck in a meeting? Heading to the airport? Now you can add a custom status from iOS app settings (and why not throw an emoji in for good luck 😉 )



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