Analytics: Charting Data

Access Analytics

Admins and Individual Team Members access analytics from

  1. Navigate to the Analytics section 
  2. Filter by desired specifics
  3. View, Save, or Export the data 


Select the Save Pin icon in the top-right corner to set a default view that will display each time you visit the Analytics overview.


All Calls, My Calls, or a Saved Search can be set as the default view.

Once you've set a default view, a yellow-colored pin appears in the top-right corner to indicate the default view is launched.

Multi-Target Filter

Users & Groups


Filter by Entire Office, User, Office, Department, Call Center, or Coaching Team.  


By default, if you’re an Office or Company Admin, when you first click into your analytics it will be filtered to All Calls for Entire Office. If you are an Individual Team Member, you will see data just for you.

To filter your data by user or group click on the drop-down arrow to search through a list of your users and group lines. You will have the ability to filter for the following:

  • User Calls: Show calls from that user both individual and as an agent/operator for a group they belong to; you can filter this further by any group they belong to
  • Groups Calls (Department, Main Line, or Call Center): Show all calls made by Agents on behalf of those groups; does not include personal calls from those Agents/Operators
  • Coaching Team Calls: Show all individual calls made by the team members, excluding Call Center calls

When a target has been added, you can add another to the filter. Select Add another user or Add another group in the filter draw and enter another target of the same type.

Additional Filters Available 

Date Range

  • Preset Ranges
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last Week
    • Last Month
    • Past 7 Days
    • Past 30 Days
    • Past 90 Days
    • Past 180 Days
    • Past 365 Days 
  • Custom Date Range



Choose the length of calls that are filtered into the data.

Call Content

With any Call Content filter, you'll need Ai enabled  to generate results. Additionally, this type of filter is not supported if you've searched multiple targets. 

You can select up to five keywords (separated by commas) and up to five moments to filter multiple entries.


  • Agent side: the Operator or your Dialpad Team Member said the keyword(s)
  • Customer side: the customer or your external contact said the keyword(s)



  • Agent side: the moment(s) occurred on the Operator or your Dialpad Team Member’s side of the conversation
  • Customer side: the moment(s) occurred on the customer or your external contact’s side of the conversation


Internal/External Filter

Filter the Calls tab to drill into internal or external call data.

Saved Search for Filters

Easily return to filters that you're often using to analyze call data. From the Analytics menu, filter as usual and then select Save this Search.


Enter the name of your saved search and click Save.


Saved Searches are stored in the My Searches section to the left side of the Analytics menu. You can always see the full list of Saved Searches and select one to open it.

If you'd like to delete a Saved Search, open it and select the Trash icon in the top-right corner. Saved Search also offers edit and reset options if you decide to make any changes.

Keep in mind that Saved Searches in the Analytics menu do not carry over to the Call History menu.

Charts & Tabs

Calls Tab

When viewing the total calls tab, if you have not filtered for specific keywords or moments, the data available includes:

Admins will also see a leaderboard of Operators whose calls met the filter criteria.


If you have filtered any specific moments or keywords, the data shown here will only include calls that meet those specific criteria.


For these searches, data will be broken down by Customer Calls and Agent Calls, which refers to the side of the call on which the filtered keyword or moment occurred.

Admins will also see a leaderboard of Operators whose calls met your filter criteria.

Moments Tab

When you have not explicitly searched for a moment, this tab will show the top moments (by occurrence count) within the sample of calls you’ve filtered for.


Admins will also see those moments’ occurrence trends plotted over time and a team member leaderboard for moment occurrence counts of the top moments.

When you’ve searched for a specific moment, this tab will show you occurrence counts overtime for those specific moments only, as well as occurrence count totals.


Keywords Tab

If you haven't searched for specific keywords, Dialpad will graph the top three 'Notable Keywords' and display a corresponding table of data for them.

Keep in mind that you cannot set Entire Company or Office as the filter target to use the Keywords Tab.

What is a Notable Keyword? You don’t care how many times common words like “um,” “and,” or “hello” are said on your calls, so our algorithm looks for words within your filtered set that seem to be unique to your calls and shows you data on the top three.


For Admins, we also display a team leaderboard for those Notable Keywords.

Similar to the Moments Tab, when you have searched for specific keywords, the occurrence count over time for those keywords will be graphed on this tab.


A corresponding leaderboard will also be displayed, as well as a list of related keywords.


Call Minutes & Text Messages Tabs


Both of these tabs will appear only if you have not filtered for a specific moment or keyword. The following data will be included:

Call Minutes

  • # of Total Minutes
  • # of Outbound Minutes
  • # of Inbound Minutes
  • Average Call

Text Messages

  • # of Texts
  • # of Texts Inside the same company
  • # of Texts outside company (to an external or non-Dialpad phone number)


Agent Status Tab (Call Centers)


Use the Agent Status tab to analyze Agents assigned to multiple Call Centers at the Office level for a complete overview of their time. You can also export this data.

IVR Menu Tab (Departments & Call Centers)


Use the IVR Menu tab to analyze the use of IVR menus in a Department or Call Center. You'll see IVR menu options, usage count, and usage percentage.

Change your IVR menu configuration? IVR menu options will still appear in the IVR Menu tab for analytical purposes whether any options were changed or disabled.

View Matching Calls (Call History)


Once you've filtered to generate charting data, dig deeper and view matching calls in the Call History menu.

Select View Calls with these Filters and the Analytics menu will redirect to the Call History menu with matching calls displayed in a list.

You can also select a team member in a leaderboard on the Analytics menu to open the Call History menu and automatically filter to focus on that user.

Please review this Help Center article to learn more about the Call History menu.

Calling Habits 


Here's where you can get a general sense of how calls are placed/received throughout your office. These stats include:

  • % of Calls Internal vs External (Calls Outside the Company)
  • % of Device Usage (Web App, Desktop App, Mobile VoIP, etc.)
    • (Device usage statistics will only reflect calls made directly to/from individual users, and not calls made to/from groups like call centers, departments, or offices)



Additional metrics surrounding calling habits that are available to Individual Team Members only or when an Admin is looking at their personal analytics include:

  • Average Call Length
  • Busiest Day of Calling

Team Member Leaderboards (Admins Only)


Need to review individual team member metrics? This section displays the following stats for the top 100 users of your team:

  • Total Calls
  • Total Call Minutes
  • Avg. Call (Min.)
  • Total Placed Calls (outbound)
  • Total Received Calls (inbound)
  • Total Missed Calls
  • Total Cancelled Calls

Select a team member from this list to view their own individual metrics.


Shared Lines Leaderboards


When viewing a specific shared line (Main Line, Call Center, or Department), in addition to seeing Team Member stats, Admins can also see DID usage for those shared lines that have more than one number. 

Please note, Admins will not be able to see call metrics across all of the associated shared lines - Department Call Types only.


💡 If you're looking for specific Call Center analytics head over to this Help Center article.

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